Alex McKay

Earliest Gemporia memory: My first Gemporia memory was presenting with Rod, full of jokes and laughter. Ten minutes felt like ten seconds! I recall being extremely nervous before going on screen, however after a coffee and prep talk with Rod and producer Gareth, all was fine. Favourite Gemstone: Favourite gemstone has to be London Blue Topaz , in terms of its unique deep enriched blue hues. The colour and clarity of this gemstone never ceases to impress me. It’s also close to my heart as it was the first gemstone I ever sold at Gemporia. Favourite piece of jewellery: Growing up within a family of antiques jewellery dealers, I was surrounded by stunning pieces of jewellery from a young age. I began to collect my own pieces of antique jewellery and still do today. The first piece of jewellery I ever bought (also my favourite) was a pair of 1920’s art deco vintage cuff links 9k gold, something I spotted whilst at an auction with my grandmother. At the time they were hidden amongst a box of costume jewellery that others had overlooked. I snapped them up for just a few pounds! You can still catch me wearing them today. Style Icons: When it comes to ladies jewellery, for me there can only be one style icon, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor. I would go as far as saying that at the time, she had the best jewellery collection in the world.

She collected some of the finest jewellery the world has ever seen. She left the whole of her jewellery estate to charity, it was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 1987 and raised $45 million.

I’m lucky enough to own an original copy of the auction guide which show pictures and full descriptions of what was sold. The pinnacle of estate and status jewellery. If in any need of inspiration that is the book I turn to.
Favourite Place in the world: I have wonderful friends and family dotted around the world. So any place as long as they are there. I’m a great believer that it’s not always about the place but rather the company. Guilty Pleasure(s): It would have to be having that extra hour in bed on a cold winter morning. Any nicknames you go by: As Paul Simon said ‘you can call me Al’! Favourite concert you’ve been to: Now this is a bit tricky, I have eclectic musical taste!

From : Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, West Life (that could have been a guilty pleasure!)Michael Bublé

To: Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Example, David Guetta, Pete Tong
Ultimate dinner party guest: I love cooking and having guests over, dinner parties for me are all about characters so it would have to be the following: Peter Kay for laughter, Eva Longoria to bring style, George Michael to sing something special, and Huey Lewis and the News – for dancing after. Can’t leave home without… Phone, wallet, keys ... The essentials. Style rules: When it comes to men’s fashion it would have to be any of the unique tailors along Savile Row in London.
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