Our Top 3 Red Gemstones for Love

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Red is the colour most often associated with love and romance. Traditionally associated with anger, red symbolises the passionate side of love. Rubies are known by many as being the most romantic of all stones; still, there are lesser-known gems treasured by many for their associations with love.

So, what are the top three red gemstones to celebrate your love with?



No other gem shares the strength of Ruby's association with love and passion - it's truly the most romantic gemstone of all. The red member of the corundum family, Ruby is often given as a gift to show the strength of one's relationship.

You might not know that the only difference between Ruby and Sapphire is colour – trace amounts of chromium cause the rich red colour of Ruby!

Crystal healers often use Rubies as they are said to increase your energy and help you feel more positive about your body. This confidence boost can also boost sexual desire and sociability, and is said to attract new love. It is also thought that putting a Ruby under your pillow at night will help you remember your dreams.

Star Rubies have the same properties as Rubies, but the effect is amplified; they are also said to be at their strongest at the full moon. After Diamonds, Rubies are the hardest gem, so a Ruby gift should last a lifetime or more.

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After Ruby, Garnet is the next most romantic gemstone. Said to symbolise eternity, Garnets have long been regarded as being a gift from the heart. Along with their famous red hues, Garnets are also found in orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, black, pink, colourless and colour-changing varieties.

Technically a gem family, Garnet gets its name from the Latin word 'granatus' since it forms a shape similar to a pomegranate seed. Garnet is said to symbolise commitment, honesty and faith, and spiritual healers use it to help with issues surrounding self-confidence. It is also said to encourage inspiration and creativity, and to clarify your purpose in life.

The earliest example of Garnet being used in jewellery is a necklace found on an Egyptian mummy, dating as far back as 3500 BC. Garnets have some of the most fascinating legends of any stone, and many of these stories are about a legendary Garnet that can fill a room with light. The most famous of all is one being used by Noah to illuminate his ark!

Garnet is a popular gift to give to your loved one, and is believed to enhance intimacy and sensuality.

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If you're after something a little more unusual, a stunning piece of Rubellite is hard to beat! Rubellite is a beautiful pink-red gemstone from the same family as Tourmaline, and is adored worldwide for its beauty and clarity.

Rubellite is said to enhance love and bring emotional healing, and is thought to help a person detach from pain and open up to another person. It's the most prized member of the Tourmaline family, and a stone that has stolen the hearts of many.

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