Our Top 4 Pink Gemstones for Love

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All pink gemstones are said to be associated with love, romance and femininity. Generally, pink is said to represent tenderness, romance and sweetness – there’s a reason pink is a popular colour for icing! Combined with black, it is said to be linked to seduction; combined with white it is linked to innocence. But more than anything else, it represents love. So, we’ve picked our top four favourite ‘love-ly’ (see what we did there?) pink gemstones.


Rose Quartz

A soft, feminine pink Rose Quartz is said to be the most popular love stone with crystal healers. This much-treasured member of the Quartz family gets its stunning soft pink hues from titanium, iron or manganese impurities within the stone. Its colour is so treasured that, along with ‘Serenity’, it was named Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2016.

Said to open the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. Promoting harmony in relationships, it can also open the heart to love and remove negativity. It is also said to bring the feminine energies of compassion, peace and healing. It is not only said to help with romantic love, but it is also said to allow you to get to know your true self and to learn to love that self in all its beauty. As the late Whitney Houston once sang, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”. This gem is said to be especially helpful if you have low self-esteem.

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Mawi Kunzite

Discovered in 1902 and named after noted gemmologist George Frederick Kunz, Kunzite is a gem with exceptional beauty. A member of the Spodumene family, Kunzite’s colour is caused by manganese impurities within the gem. Its soft, dainty pinks are reminiscent of the soft petals of a sweet English rose. Like a rose, Kunzite makes a wonderfully romantic gift, captivating any lady’s heart. Its colour is a balance of delicate pinks, lilacs and violets.

Kunzite is said to open the heart and relieve emotional distress. A peaceful and sensual gem, it can be used to remove negativity. Just as a kiss from a loved one will leave us glowing, and Kunzite is a phosphorescent gem, which means that after exposure to light it will glow, even when taken indoors. For this reason, it is called an ‘evening gem’. Crystal healers often use Kunzite to relieve hormonal problems in pregnant women and new mothers.

Famously, President Kennedy bought his wife Jaqueline a Kunzite ring for their 10th anniversary. Sadly, he was killed before he had a chance to give it to her. Jackie wore it almost constantly until her death in 1994.

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A gemstone known only to a few, Rhodochrosite is a stunning natural gem. With organic soft pinks and whites formed in bands, the mineral itself grows in rose-like forms. Fittingly, it gets its name from the Greek words ‘rhodon’ (meaning ‘rose’) and ‘khros’ (meaning ‘colour’).

Rhodochrosite is said to cultivate love and compassion, as well as promote intuition and creativity. It is also said to have the most tender and loving energy of any stone, so can be used not just for romantic love, but to soothe and heal. It is associated with both the heart and solar plexus chakras. It is said to be able to call a new love (both romantic and platonic) into one’s life, to find your true soulmate.

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Mutala Morganite

Also discovered by George Frederick Kunz, this member of the Beryl family was named after Kunz’s financial backer, the banker J P Morgan. Although millions of years old, Morganite was only discovered in 1911. Whereas Kunzite is a very pinkish pink, Morganite is more of a peachy pink. It is a more subtle, softer, warmer tone, making it a very elegant and sophisticated gem.

A sister of the much more famous Emerald, Morganite is associated with the heart chakra. It is said to attract love into our lives and to maintain that love as it grows. It is said to allow us to become more receptive to love from others. It is also believed to bring joy and peace into our lives.

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