How To Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

| 4 min read’ve had an amazing idea for a jewellery gift. You’ve found a ring design that you just know she’ll love. The gemstone is perfect and you’re about to pay for it when… you realise you don’t know her ring size! What now?

Don’t worry - all is not lost. Follow our handy tips below and you should be able to figure out her ring size and keep the gift a wonderful surprise.

Print Off Our Ring Sizing Guide

If you’d prefer to print off a ring sizing guide, simply click here to download your template. Print the template out and use a credit/debit card or ruler to ensure the page has printed at the right scale. From here, simply line up the ring with the printed circles, and the one which closest matches the inside edge of your ring will be the right size.

Request Your Free Ring Sizer From Us

We can send you a free ring sizer from this page so you can find the exact fit. When the resizer arrives, thread the two ends together to create a loop and then pull it around to the point it matches the size of the ring you already have. Try both the ring and the resizer on if you can, and ensure they match in size on the same part of your finger. The arrow on the resizer will show you which ring size to go for.

Download Our App

Gemporia App

If she already has a ring for the same finger that you can secretly borrow for a few moments, why not use the ring sizing feature in our app? All you have to do is:

  • Download the Gemporia app to your smartphone
  • Select menu (the three lines in the top left corner of the screen)
  • Select 'Ring Sizer'
  • Place the ring on the screen and use the slider to adjust the circle until it fits the inside edge of the ring.

Find out more about our ring size features here.

Talk To Her Friends and Family

Her friends and family may already know her ring size, which would make things very simple indeed. If not though, it’s much less likely to give away the secret if you get them to ask her what her ring size is in casual conversation. If you have one of her rings, you could also ask a friend to try it on and if it fits, they’re likely the same ring size.

Take One Of Her Rings To A Jeweller

“What size is her ring finger?” I’m sure jewellers ask this all the time, so if you want to be absolutely sure, why not take a ring of hers (ideally one that’s worn on the same finger as the one you want to buy her, remember) to your local jeweller and ask them to measure it? This way you can be certain that you’ve got it right.

Re-Size The Ring After She’s Tried It On

If getting the perfect fit is not something you’re too worried about beforehand, you can always give the ring as a gift and get it resized afterwards using our Aftercare service. This way you can be sure that once we’ve resized it, the fit will be absolutely perfect. The average ring size in the UK is a size N/O and most rings can be sized up or down one or two sizes without much trouble.

To enquire about our Aftercare service, simply get in touch with our Call Centre on 0333 400 0011 or [email protected].

Just Ask Her!

Emerald Rings

Maybe you want this gift to be perfect the first time she tries it on and are actually more worried about the fit than it being a secret? In which case, why not just ask her? She still won’t know what gemstone or design you’ve bought her and it’ll be something to look forward to when you finally hand the present over!

Plus, if you ask way in advance, she may even have forgotten that you were going to buy her a ring.

Ask For Next Time

If you really want to keep the gift a secret but just aren't able to find out her ring size this time, why not buy her an alternative piece of jewellery? We have an amazing selection of earrings, pendants and necklaces available, and when you hand the gift over you could always cheekily ask, "If you wanted a matching ring for these, what size would I need to buy?"

Remember to take a look at our ring sizing page for more information, or our Aftercare service if you already have a ring that needs resizing. We’ll be only too happy to help!


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