Valentine's Day: Which Gemstone Are You?

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Whether you're treating yourself or dropping a hint this Valentine's Day, we have a great selection of Valentine's Day ideas across the site. From Valentine's ideas for her, romantic gift ideas and glamourous inspiration, we've got everything you need to have a happy Valentine's Day!

But, if you really can't decide which gemstone you'd like to collect next, why not let our quick and easy quiz help you discover your next choice?

All you have to do is answer the multiple choice questions below, and follow the number in your response to the next question. When you know your gemstone, scroll down to not only find out more about it, but to shop for one for yourself.



Do you prefer a classic or contemporary style?

Classic - go to question 2Contemporary - go to question 3


Are you more elegant or klutzy?

Elegant - go to question 4Klutzy - go to question 6


Do you prefer to be looked after or independent?

Looked after - go to question 5Independent - go to question 7


Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Extrovert - go to question 8Introvert - go to question 12


How much do you care about your appearance?

A lot - go to question 13Not at all - go to question 9


How organised are you?

Not at all - go to question 14Very - go to question 10


Are you quick to anger?

No - go to question 11Yes - go to question 15


What is your favourite design era?

The 1920s - you're an EMERALD (see below)The 1950s - you're a DIAMOND (see below)


How often are you moody?

Frequently - you're a CSARITE® (see below)Rarely - you're a TANZANITE (see below)


Do you prefer to stand out or fit in with a crowd?

Stand out - you're an OPAL (see below)Fit in - you're a SAPPHIRE (see below)


Are you a free spirit or a conformist?

Free spirit - you're a TURQUOISE (see below)Conformist - you're an AQUAMARINE (see below)


Do you feel most drawn to the sea or the sky?

The sea - you're a PEARL (see below)The sky - you're a TANZANITE (see below)


Do you prefer big and bold or petite and understated?

Bold - you're a KUNZITE (see below)Understated - you're a DIAMOND (see below)


Are you a romantic?

Yes - you're a RUBY (see below)No - you're a CSARITE® (see below)


Are you often envious?

Yes - you're an EMERALD (see below)No - you're a SPHENE (see below)


You're a DIAMOND

You’re as chic as they come! You’re usually the life and soul of the party and like things to be just right. You like attention, but you’re a faithful friend too. You’re a true Diamond in the rough!

About Diamond

The most famous of them all – Diamonds are famous for being the hardest gem. Some people think they’re also the rarest, but this is a myth. Diamonds are actually one of the most common gemstones we sell!

Explore our Diamond collection


You're an EMERALD

Although sometimes you might be a bit envious, you’re charismatic and ageless with your own striking style.

About Emerald

Emeralds were famously a favourite of Cleopatra. With lush greens, they are one of the few gemstones where inclusions are not only tolerated, but celebrated as a unique characteristic of each gem.

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You're a RUBY

Romantic and passionate, you love tradition and follow your heart. You might not always enjoy being the focus of attention, but you don’t shy away from a big gesture.

About Ruby

The quintessential gemstone of romance, Ruby’s rich reds are truly captivating. A Ruby’s colour comes from chromium impurities in the gem’s crystal structure, without which, it would be a Sapphire!

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Organised but sometimes shy, you’re hardworking and intelligent. You love vintage style and subtle elegance.

About Sapphire

Sapphires have long been associated with royalty. The most famous Sapphire of all is probably Catherine, Princess of Wales's engagement ring, which formerly belonged to Princess Diana.

Explore our Sapphire collection


You're an OPAL

You’re unique and bright, as well as organised and hardworking. You have your own refined style and love being a little quirky.

About Opal

One of the most individual and mesmerising gems of all, Opal is created by water percolating through rocks, depositing silica over millennia. These silica spheres reflect the light, creating a rainbow of colours unique to each gem.

Explore our Opal collection


You're a PEARL

You’re elegant and timeless. You love understated beauty and don’t often enjoy being the centre of attention. You feel an affinity for the ocean and its calming influence.

About Pearl

The ultimate treasure of the ocean, Pearls are the ultimate in elegance. Synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood, Pearls are as sophisticated today as they were when around the necks of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Explore our Pearl collection



You’re a rare gem – spirited and compelling. You’re not often the centre of attention, but you’re adventurous and not afraid to ask for help when you need it.

About Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a recent discovery (1967). Found in just one location in the world, the Mererani (sometimes called Merelani) Hills of Tanzania, this gem is most treasured for its pleochroism, showing blues, pinks and purples from different angles.

Explore our Tanzanite collection



You’re extraordinary, interesting and creative; you can take care of yourself, you don’t care what others think of you and you enjoy being ‘one of a kind’.

About Turquoise

Beloved since antiquity, Turquoise is the only gemstone that has given its name to a colour. Originally ‘Turkish stone’, this gem features in the famous Death Mask of Tutankhamun.

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You're a SPHENE

You’re fiery and can have a temper. Despite that, you’re extremely loyal and only want the best for your friends and family.

About Sphene

Sphene is an often-overlooked gem, but really shouldn’t be! With vivid greens and cognac hues, it is one of the best stones on the planet for light performance, with more fire than a Diamond.

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You're a CSARITE®

You can be changeable – sometimes broody but fiercely logical. You’re intelligent and keen, but not ashamed to admit when you need help.

About Csarite®

Csarite® is extremely rare – around 10,000 times rarer than a Diamond. It’s treasured for its ability to change colour in different lighting conditions – from burgundy to gold to greens, it is always beautiful.

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You’re practical and headstrong, but calm and slow to anger. You like things to be just right and don’t usually enjoy taking centre stage.

About Aquamarine

Long associated with the sea due to its calm blue hues, Aquamarine gets its name from ‘aqua’ meaning ‘water’ and ‘mare’ meaning ‘sea’. Its light, bright hues set it apart from most other blue gems.

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You're a KUNZITE

You enjoy fashion and looking your best. Dressed up to the nines on most occasions, you enjoy the limelight when it comes your way.

About Kunzite

The softest pink tones make this one of the most dainty and romantic of gems. Named after its discoverer, noted gemologist George Frederick Kunz, this unusual gem is phosphorescent, glowing after exposure to light.

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