A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Holiday Jewellery

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Spring is upon us, which means peak travel season is approaching!

Travelling is one of the best times to experiment with different jewellery styles. Still, it doesn’t mean you need to pack up your entire collection and haul it across the country (or the world) with you!

Different destinations and activities require various pieces of jewellery, and gemstones and jewellery types suit some environments more than others.

Still trying to figure out where to start? Follow our simple guide to choosing jewellery for your next holiday.


Stacking Rings

When it comes to travel, less is more. So, to avoid bringing your whole collection away with you, try to choose customisable pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. You could opt for pieces in just one metal, such as Gold or Sterling Silver, or pick a few gemstone items with complementary colours.

Our Molte collection was specifically created to be customised to suit you; additionally, our Core collection offers a range of Gold and Silver staple pieces to help you build your signature style.


Summer jewellery

One of the most important things about your holiday jewellery is that it’s intentional. As we said, less is more, particularly when considering how long you will be away.

If it’s a long weekend away, a few everyday pieces that work well together are most likely all you need. You’d be amazed at how many ways you can style a couple of simple chains and rings!

But, if you’re going to be away for longer and have a varied range of plans, more staple pieces and a few occasion pieces may be required.


Luxury Jewellery

Tying in with how long you will be travelling for, it is essential to consider what you will be getting up to whilst you’re away!

If you plan on taking an active holiday, such as a ski or hiking trip, we’d recommend some simple (but stylish) pieces that are durable and won’t get damaged easily. Solid metals are perfect for daily wear, as are strong gemstones such as Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald.

However, to ensure they remain in pristine condition, make sure you know how to clean and care for your jewellery correctly.

Alternatively, if you are taking a cruise or another trip with a formal occasion, feel free to experiment with larger, more extravagant cocktail rings and other exceptional pieces.


Holiday Jewellery

The location you visit can significantly influence the jewellery you take with you. Warmer climates offer the perfect backdrop for Gold pieces and coloured gemstones like Ruby, Citrine and Malachite. However, colder temperatures may be ideal for the cooler hues of Diamond, Amethyst and Tanzanite pieces.

No matter where you go, you must ensure that your gemstone pieces can withstand the environment you’re visiting. Opals are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, so always make sure to consider the durability of the gemstones you take away with you.

There are few better excuses to experiment with new jewellery styles than a well-deserved trip away. However, when choosing your holiday jewellery, it is important to be intentional and opt for pieces you are going to not only enjoy wearing, but also be able to keep safe and secure.

Explore our website to find your perfect holiday pieces, and if you need help keeping your jewellery secure while travelling, read our blog to learn how to ensure your beloved pieces stay safe.

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