What Are The Names Of The Infinity Stones?

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If you love the Marvel comics and movies, then you will probably have heard about infinity stones, originally called infinity gems. However, have you wondered what the infinity stones are, what they do and what powers do they possess? And did you know that these stones closely resemble genuine gemstones that are found all over the world? Well, we have the answers for you, as we explore the names of the six infinity stones and what powers they hold.

What Exactly Is An Infinity Stone?

So, you may have heard about infinity stones, or even seen one in a Marvel movie, but you may be unsure as to what they are and what they can do. In simple terms, an infinity stone is a gem with special powers, but they are even more powerful when all six infinity stones are united together. They can easily destroy anything, including an entire solar system.

The Space Stone - Blue

The Space Stone closely resembles a stunning Sapphire. This is a four stone sapphire rings in 9 karat gold.

The Space Stone, which is held within a cube-shaped container called the Tesseract, has the ability to teleport the holder anywhere they wish. Loki uses this infinity stone in The Avengers, and it can also be seen in Captain America when the Red Skull uses this infinity stones powers. What it enables you to do is to travel from one point in the universe to another.

The Space Stone closely resembles the deep blues of Sapphire; found in several places across the globe, most notably, Africa.

The Reality Stone - Red

The Reality Stone mirrors the gemstone, Ruby. This is a 4.06 carat solitaire Ruby ring set in white gold.

The Reality Stone is also known as the Aether, which is a fiery, floating, red liquid. This infinity stone has the ability to represent your own desired reality. In the Marvel comics, it focuses more on fulfilling your wishes and desires. In the Marvel movies, it is very much focused upon the bad guys, such as Thanos, wanting to create an alternative reality of darkness and destruction.

The Reality Stone parallels the rich reds of Ruby; where deposits can be found all over the world, where the most beautiful are mined in Burma.

The Power Stone - Purple

The Power Stone is similar to the real-life gemstone Amethyst. This is a solitaire Amethyst ring set into 10 karat yellow gold.

The Power Stone is all about strength. Encased within the Orb, this infinity stone played a vital role in Guardians of the Galaxy, as it pretty much destroys the home of The Collector. Whoever manages to control this stone has unbelievable strength in those powerful and magnificent purple rays that shoot out from within its core. Needless to say, all the bad guys are after this infinity stone.

The Power Stone's bright purple appearance is equal to Amethyst. The very best and vibrant Amethyst can be found in Morocco.

The Mind Stone - Yellow

The Mind Stone, is equal to a sparkling Serenite gem. This is  a 2.71 carat Sereite ring set in 9 karat gold.

The yellow Mind Stone is all about mind control. It is seen when Loki uses his sceptre in The Avengers. He can control the mind of whoever the sceptre touches. What is strange is that the sceptre glows blue, not yellow and that Thanos chose Loki to have this infinity stone. However, it has been seen in many different forms in other Marvel films.

The Mind Stone is usually seen as a yellow stone and matches the golden appearance of Serenite and mined in Oregon, USA.

The Soul Stone - Orange

The Soul Stone, resembles the orange hue of Citrine. This is a Citrine ring set into yellow gold.

In the Marvel films, the Soul Stone is found in the planet of Vormir where the baddie, Red Skull guards it. Ordered to guard the stone, Thanos has to sacrifice the life of his daughter Gamora to be able to access the stone. In the Marvel comics, the Soul Stone was seen in the form of a creature that trapped souls within a different universe.

The Soul Stone is orange in appearance and mirrors the beautiful gem Citrine. Citrine is a gemstone that is mainly found in Brazil and some parts of Europe.

The Time Stone - Green

The Time Stone mirrors the incredible Emerald gem. This is a bright green emerald gold ring.

The green Time Stone is the infinity stone that allows Marvel heroes (and villains) to travel anywhere in the future. They can also go back in time and to even slow down or fast forward time. In Doctor Strange, the Time Stone is housed within a pendent, the Eye of Agomoto, and is found by Dr Stephen Strange.

The Time Stone is a vibrant green stone similar to Emerald, found in many locations around the world, including Australia and Mozambique.

There you have it, now you know the names of the six infinity stones and the extraordinary power of each stone. So, next time you watch a Marvel movie lookout for the infinity stones and look for our very own infinity stones at Gemporia!

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