How to Keep Your Jewellery Safe on Vacation

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Whether it’s an annual summer holiday or a long weekend away, visiting other places around the world is a luxury that many people enjoy.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time traveller, you may have questions about what jewellery pieces are best to take with you and, more importantly, how to keep them safe.

It's always good to plan your accessories in advance! But before you do, consider these handy tips for taking your jewellery travelling.


Separate your jewellery so nothing can scratch each other

When in transit, things move around – which isn’t good for jewellery, or for gemstones that can scratch each other. So, to avoid having to untangle your necklaces or hunting around for that lost earring, opt for an effective organisation solution.

The fabric pouches and boxes that our jewellery arrives in are hugely effective for keeping your precious pieces safe. Alternatively, if you travel frequently, consider investing in a jewellery organiser that can be easily packed away.

However, if you’re looking for a more DIY solution, something as simple as a pill box can keep your jewellery pieces separate and organised. A seven-day pill case is the perfect size for storing earrings, rings and even smaller bracelets and necklaces. Plus, it's small enough to pack away and keep all your jewels in one place.



Unless you have a formal event, leave your most valuable pieces at home

It's never a nice process deciding what to leave out of your suitcase when you travel, but more often than not, you’re going on holiday to get away from the stresses of home. So, as painful as it may be, it may be wise to leave your most expensive and most valuable jewellery in a safe place at home so you don't have to worry about them – unless you’re attending a special event whilst you’re away!

So, a tip from us would be to stick with a few neutral basics (such as small hoops or a simple chain that will work with multiple outfits), and maybe throw in a few statement pieces to make a plainer outfit trendy.


Keep your jewellery close during your journey to make sure it doesn't get lost in transit

If you’re flying to your destination, pack your jewellery in your carry-on bag and take it on the plane with you. Checked luggage has a much higher chance of getting lost and/or stolen, so it’s always best to have your valuables on your person when travelling to and from your destination.


Always keep your jewellery safe using extra security measures

Always take extra special care to make sure your jewellery is properly protected while you travel. For example, when you reach your final destination, lock your jewels away in a secure location such as a hotel safe.

Additionally, for expensive and sentimental pieces such as engagement and wedding rings, it’s a good idea to take out insurance on these in case the worst should happen. However, depending on your holiday destination or the activities you have planned, it may be best to leave these at home completely.

If you want to leave your wedding bands at home but still want the look, consider purchasing a less expensive lookalike to wear on your ring finger. Or, choose the more subdued piece out of your engagement and wedding bands, and leave the flashier one safe at home.


Simple and versatile pieces are perfect for travelling

Keeping jewellery simple and inexpensive when travelling isn’t the worst idea – unless you have a formal event such as a wedding, of course.

This may seem like a rather strange tip, because there’s no better time than a holiday to expand and explore your accessory collection. However, arguably, the main reason for taking a vacation is to relax, enjoy yourself and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, simple jewellery that can be easily styled will give you one less decision to make on that all-important trip you’re taking.

Taking expensive things on holiday is always a scary endeavour. But, luckily, there are a whole host of ways to keep your jewellery safe and secure while travelling.

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