What Wedding Jewelry Should I Wear?

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Wedding jewelry is some of the most meaningful jewelry most people will ever buy. From engagement rings to wedding bands to gifts for the wedding party, everything has got to be just right. The spring and summer months are a popular time for weddings, so if you’re planning yours, let us help you find just the right pieces with our handy guide full of wedding jewellery ideas.

Saying Yes… Engagement Ring Ideas

Engagement Rings

Dating back at least as far as the Romans, then cemented as tradition in the Middle Ages, when marriage bands were introduced, an engagement ring was used as a visible symbol of an impending marriage. Formerly almost always presented as a surprise at the proposal, these days it is becoming more and more common to see couples buying engagement rings together. However it is done, an engagement ring remains the ultimate declaration of love.

Over the last century, Diamonds have slowly become the most popular choice for an engagement ring. Here at Gemporia, we also propose using other gemstones to provide a colorful and more unusual alternative.

Pay attention to the jewelry choices favored by your partner. Do they prefer yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold? Do they like big statement looks, or are they more minimalistic in their style? Bear in mind the jewelry they already own, as well as the jewelry they notice in shop windows or worn by friends.

Many jewelers will tell you that you need to spend three months’ wages on an engagement ring, however, we don’t think there should be a set amount. Pick a budget you can afford and stick to it. There are many ways to save on your purchase. For example, why not choose 9K rather than 18K gold? Remember that Diamonds are one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet, so any other choice would probably be more affordable. If you have your heart set on a Diamond, you can save a lot of money by dropping a few grades, with very little loss (if any) in quality of the Diamond. For more advice on how to choose an engagement ring, see our detailed blog on the subject here.

Saying I Do… Wedding Band Sets

Wedding Bands

Your wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that connects you emotionally, spiritually and legally to your partner. It will always be a very significant item and will feel precious. In purely practical terms, you’re likely to wear it every day, so it has to be comfortable as well as timeless.

The practice of exchanging wedding rings goes back as far as Ancient Egypt, when couples would exchange braided hemp rings. The fourth finger was chosen as it was believed that there was a vein, called the Vena Amoris, which connected this finger directly to the heart.

Over time, braided rings gave way to precious metals – and men wearing wedding bands generally fell out of fashion. Since the 20th Century, double-ring ceremonies have been gaining prominence, with around 80% of married men choosing to wear a wedding band – but there have been a few famous exceptions. There were a few raised eyebrows when Prince William famously chose not to wear a wedding ring.

Most couples choose a wedding band that matches their engagement ring, however, it is not uncommon for spouses not to have matching rings. Here at Gemporia, we keep things simple and offer two wedding band shapes, the ‘D’ shape, with curved edges for comfort, or the ‘flat’ shape for a more contemporary look.

Additionally, each of our wedding bands has a hidden treasure inside. One of the most romantic gemstones, either a Ruby or a Diamond, is comfortably set inside the band, keeping you close physically and spiritually to one of Mother Nature’s most romantic treasures.

Raising A Toast… Wedding Party Jewellery

Wedding Party

There are other jewelry choices to be made when it comes to the day itself. Think about what jewelry might complement the bride’s dress. The rule of thumb is not to buy your jewelry until you have bought your dress. Don’t predict what dress you are likely to end up buying – any bride will tell you that it probably won’t be the one you have your eye on in magazines.

Traditionally, the bride and groom exchange gifts on the wedding day and jewelry can be a long-lasting memento of the day. An elegant watch, a tennis bracelet, a charm bracelet, or a necklace are all appropriate for a bride. Cufflinks and a dress watch are appropriate for a groom. These gifts are now often given beforehand, so that the jewelry can be worn on the day itself.

It is also important to remember to give gifts to the wedding party. The bridesmaids and flower girls can be given jewelry to wear on the day. We suggest a Pearl, Diamond or one of your other favorite gemstones in a pendant or earrings. To personalize your gifts, you could pick jewelry with your bridesmaids’ birthstones, or have their jewelry engraved. Often brides will choose to give something extra to their maid of honor, perhaps the matching earrings to a pendant. The best man and ushers shouldn’t be forgotten – stylish watches or cufflinks are appropriate for the men who have kept everyone in order during the big day.

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