The Artistry of Glenn Lehrer: TorusRing

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This is the Lehrer design that many Gemporia viewers will have seen first - Glenn's unmistakable TorusRing cut. Developed by Glenn over 15 years, this is a truly remarkable creation, with a story of true inspiration behind it and a phenomenal amount of world-class skill needed to bring it to life. It also led Glenn on the path to creating his QuasarCut and KaleidosCut designs.

Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognised as one of the finest living gemstone artists. His precisely-faceted stones and fluid carvings are known the world over for their original concepts, flowing lines and stunning brilliance. His genius in gem art and jewellery is unparalleled, creating masterpieces that ignite passion and stir a grand sense of beauty. Glenn is the US patent-holder for the TorusRing gemstone cut that he invented in 1995, one of only two such patents ever granted for a gemstone. Glenn Lehrer Torus designs are items of sheer and unimaginable beauty.

Glenn Lehrer TorusRing

What Is TorusRing?

The TorusRing is a modern looking, carved and faceted gemstone with a cylindrical portion removed from the centre. This unique cut allows a magnificent play of light in a gemstone, unobtainable by other means. Astonishing brilliance can be unveiled when a gem is cut as a TorusRing. The Torus is one of nature's most prevalent forms. Think of swirling galaxies, liquid whirlpools, hurricanes with their central eye and, of course, the human eye itself.

This exceptional carving technique presents another design option as well. A second gemstone, such as a Diamond, can be set in the center of the TorusRing gem. The shape of the TorusRing gemstone allows it to sit lower in any jewellery design than a traditionally faceted gemstone.

The TorusRing makes an excellent alternative to the classic faceted gemstone whether in a vintage antique or an ultra modern design. The Lehrer Torus cut makes any jewellery design stand out from the crowd. The design went on to influence Glenn's later work and has been a heavy influence and vital starting point for both Glenn's QuasarCut and KaleidosCut masterpieces.

In mid-2019 we ended regular production of our limited edition TorusRing designs to preserve their exclusivity and legacy, and to create space to introduce something new from Glenn. We will however be offering bespoke one-of-a-kind pieces on a very occasional basis for those that really want to get this remarkable cut into their gemstone collection.

Glenn Lehrer TorusRing

About TorusRing

Let's take a closer look at the history of this mesmerising design and find out more about what the TorusRing embodies and the remarkable inspiration for its creation.

Torus cut gemstones glow with an inner light the defies explanation. Each and every piece is made to Glenn's exacting standards to ensure that whether you own a ring, stud earrings or a pendant, every time you see your Lehrer jewellery you'll be transfixed by the play of light the gem creates. This play of light is no accident, and was created by Glenn through a decade and a half of experimenting, tweaking and learning.

Glenn Lehrer Torus designs are items of sheer skill and unimaginable beauty. A gemstone design of this calibre and intricacy takes rare talent and saint-like patience to cut. Whenever Glenn talks abut the process of creating a TorusRing, it's always with fascinating insight into how he passed on his knowledge to a new generation of lapidarists in order for Gemporia to be able to bring you these phenomenal pieces.

Creating the gemstone is a skilled and intricate task, and its only right that the design of each jewellery piece lives up to the standard set by the carved gemstone. But the main central Torus cut stone is only the start of the jewellery making process. To finish the gemstone aspect of the design, a Diamond is added to the central hole of the TorusRing. Then begins the process of designing, forming and finishing the final piece of jewellery.

As well as Diamond, Glenn also likes to use complimentary coloured gemstones in the centre of his TorusRing designs. This collection is called Iris and further exhibits the relationship of the 'circle within a circle' that characterises this artistry.

When you purchase a Lehrer design for the first time, while stocks last, we'll send you a complimentary copy of Glenn's autobiography 'In Quest of the Indescribable', a story with just as many fascinating facets as his gemstone creations. To own one of Glenn Lehrer’s fine creations is to own a museum quality work of art, a piece to be treasured as an heirloom for future generations.

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