Gemstone Lore: Moonstone - The Sacred Stone

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Moonstone is a member of the Feldspar family and is famous for its inner glow, known as adularescence. It has accumulated numerous myths and legends over the centuries and is treasured by many cultures.

Age-old Hindu mythology believed that Moonstone was created from solidified moonbeams. It's easy to see why, with the visual effect of the Moonstone resembling a full Moon behind a mist of clouds. Many believed that you could see into the future if you held the stone in your mouth during a full Moon.

The gem was thought to have been embedded in the forehead of Ganesh, the four-handed Hindu god of the Moon. To this day, Moonstone is still regarded as sacred in India, and is believed to bring good fortune.

The ancient Romans held a similar legend, they believed that Moonstone was created from drops of moonlight. They thought that the gemstone held properties related to the Moon, such as romance, intuition, femininity, dreams, sleep and emotions.


In several cultures, Moonstone was associated with love. Those seeking their true love would hold the gem in their hands during a full Moon and envisage their love coming towards them. They would then carry the stone in their pocket for the rest of the Moon cycle for the spell to take full effect. According to legend, two people wearing Moonstone will fall passionately in love when the Moon is high.

Due to the Moon renewing itself each month, some people believed that wearing Moonstone helped retain their youthful looks. Others used it as a good luck charm on sea voyages due to the effect of the Moon on the sea's tide. Others believe that it helps them sleep.

Those seeking their true love would hold the gem in their hands during a full Moon and envisage their love coming towards them.

People all over the world have used Moonstone for meditative purposes. The moving inner light makes it a good focal point for meditation. Many believe that the gem also has a soothing influence that helps them enter a calm state.

In general, it is believed that the energy of Moonstone is balancing, introspective as well as reflective. It's a stone for wishing and hoping, as well as embracing the cycles of change. It is said to help diminish anxiety, including concern about the future, and to encourage a zest for life and a youthful attitude, even in old age. It is seen as a stone of inner growth and strength.



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