How to Style Our Molte Collection

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At the start of 2021, we introduced Molte – the most beautiful and versatile collection that we’ve ever had on our website. The term Molte, meaning ‘to have many’, describes exactly what our web exclusive collection represents: pieces that are stylish, elegant and easy to customise. Now, the collection has grown!

Molte earrings and charms

Our mission for Molte has always been to showcase pieces that can be adapted to suit any style and taste – and that’s exactly what we’re doing with our brand-new Molte pieces! Featuring endless charm options and stunning earrings in both Gold and Enamel, there’s never been a better chance to grab some classy staple pieces that will last forever.

But with so many styling possibilities, where do you begin to choose how to wear them? Here, we look at five different ways you can customise the Molte collection to suit you.


The Molte Collection was made to be customised

The whole point of our Molte collection is that the opportunities to style them are boundaryless. So, mix them up! There are so many gemstone charms and earrings to choose from, so have fun with it! Pair Gold with Silver, add gemstone charms and initial charms – the choice really is yours.


Molte Enamel earrings

If your signature style is simpler, our Molte jewellery can be left to work its magic on its own. You don’t need to add charms if you don’t want to, and if you do it will only provide another styling option for you.

With Molte, the opportunities are limitless – so if you prefer to keep your style minimal, the collection has been crafted to suit you, too.


Molte charms

To truly maximise your style, why not add more than one charm to your Molte jewellery? Growing your collection means you can either add as many as you can fit for maximum elegance, or you can swap them out depending on the occasion. From the extravagant to the everyday, there really is a Molte style for any activity or event.


Single Molte charm

Is your style somewhere in the middle? Maybe you like a little extra ‘charm’ in your jewellery collection but don’t want to go overboard?

Molte offers common ground when it comes to styling your jewellery – so, if you want a subtle style that still makes a statement, just add one charm! Add some colour with a genuine gemstone, or make it personal with your initial.

Adding one charm elevates an otherwise simple look but doesn’t draw too much attention. It sits perfectly alongside your outfit to tie your overall look together, and offers the perfect happy medium.


Necklace and earring charms

If you’re someone who loves a coordinated look, there’s no reason why you can’t with match with Molte! Matching your jewellery by colour, metal or gemstone is easy with this collection – and it leaves just one decision for you to make! It truly is a win-win.

Molte Earrings

Since its inception, Molte has grown to encompass a wide range of styles and tastes. Those with maximalist styles can make the most of all our charm options, and those with a simple style can choose to leave their pieces empty. The best thing about jewellery is that it is adaptable, and it’s often the small, simple touches that have the largest effect.

We're so proud of the versatility that our Molte collection offers, and we hope you enjoy its new additions as much as we’ve loved providing them.


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