Gemporia's Back to Jewelry School Event

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From Carat Weight to Colour, Cut to Fire, investing in gemstones can be confusing for beginner collectors. At Gemporia we pride ourselves on our Gemstone Experts and their deep knowledge of the industry, from having relationships with mining communities to working with industry traders and award-winning lapidists.

This September we are elated to share this knowledge with our incredible viewers for a 5-day Back to Jewelry School event, where we will be exploring parcels of exquisite stones whilst discussing their specifications, including Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight and Fire.

Seize the opportunity to learn more about gemstones from industry professionals and follow along at home with your very own Course Guide, this week only at Gemporia.

Your Course Guide


gemstone cuts From Brilliant to Asscher, gemstone cuts are immensely intricate and can entirely change the behavior of light refractions within your gem. At Gemporia we work with a series of award-winning lapidists to truly understand what it takes to sculpt one of nature’s most pressure stones. Watch live for first hand stories and in depth evaluations.


Gemstone Color Chart Gemstones colours are influenced by the gems chemical and atomic structure which forms throughout thousands, if not millions of years. They can also be influenced by impurities which can alter the gems colour, and create unique inclusions. Join the team for more information on how gemstones get their colour, as well as the value of different colour variations.


Clarity Chart Inclusions, even ones unseen by the naked eye, can cause significant differences in the value of a gemstone. Join in as we take a deeper look at a selection of the most precious stones found on our planet, whilst discussing clarity guide charts and the effect on market value.

Carat Weight

Carat Weight is a unit of mass which is used to measure gemstones, it refers to the weight of the gemstone, so it can differ depending on the density of the gem. With each increase in size comes a much greater increase in value. If you were to purchase one 2ct Diamond it would be more than double the price of buying two 1ct Diamonds. With this in mind, Carat Weight can be misleading if the stone has been cut poorly or too deeply, as the bottom of the gem cannot disperse light, so although it weighs more, once it has been mounted onto a band it isn't as visually appealing. Join the team for a closer evaluation of the Magic Carat Weights, as well as some tips on what to avoid when purchasing high carat stones.


Gemstone Fire Fire, or dispersion, refers to how gemstones split up light into their spectral colors, offering a glow unlike anything else. Tune in with Jake, Dave and Toby for a series of showcases capturing the captivating phenomenon, as they play around with a series of light situations, whilst exploring how different gemstones react.

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