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We've recently welcomed Amelia Grant back after time off to bring her beautiful baby boy Jude into the world, alongside her partner and fellow Gemporian Andy Dixon, who many of you will know as a producer. We've had a chat with Amelia about returning to Gemporia, becoming a mother in such a turbulent year, and her jewelry collection Eternity by Amelia, which is launching a range of gorgeous new designs on Saturday 14th August 2021 at 7am ET.

Hi Amelia! How are you?

Hello! I’m very well, thank you!

How’s little Jude getting on? What was the inspiration for his name?

Awwww, he is doing fab, getting bigger by the second! He turned one year old in May 2021. Can you believe that? In all honesty, Jude was the only name Andy and I could agree on!

Amelia Grant

How have you found being locked down through such an exciting point in your life?

Do you know, as with everything, there have been pros and cons. At the start, it was really lovely to get that time with just the three of us. Everyone says that when you first have a baby, it can be quite stressful having people pop over and feeling like you have to be the hostess in your own house whilst trying to feed a newborn and being super sleep-deprived. We have tried to meet people for walks, and my sister-in-law is in our support bubble, so he gets to see all his cousins whilst we are at work, which is super nice. But like everyone, I’m very much ready to get back to ‘normal’ life now, please.

When did your first collection of Eternity by Amelia designs launch?

It first aired in summer 2020 with the fabulous Angeline Davies. It was so lovely to be back in the building and on-air, as I’d had to leave so abruptly at the start of the pandemic due to my pregnancy and needing to shield.

How quickly did the first range sell out, and what was the feedback like?

Do you know, everything sold out so quickly - I was so elated and relieved! I knew that I loved the collection, but I had that little voice in my thoughts saying, ‘what if I am the only one who does’! I’ve had such amazing feedback. So many people have bought pieces in memory of a loved one or for gifting to others. I’ve heard so many remarkable stories, and I’m so grateful to you all for sharing.

Eternity by Amelia

How special to you are the comments you receive about your collection?

Oh, it just means everything. It has been my inspiration to bring more designs to everyone. Due to popular demand, I’m bringing bangles and matching earrings along with some new colored gemstones to the next collection of designs.

What first inspired you to design this collection?

There are a couple of facets (excuse the pun) to my intentions and inspirations behind Eternity. Anyone that knows me knows that my favourite thing about jewelry is the story behind it. My favourite motto is ‘let your jewelry tell the story’, so naturally, I’m in love with the idea behind infinity rings. What I wanted to do with my collection was to bring a contemporary feel to this traditional gesture. Eternity bands are synonymous with weddings and couples, but I feel they should represent everyone’s individual story, like sisters, friends and of course, my story, parent and child. I wanted to do this by creating color with the gemstones and styling them on a chain so you can wear them close to your heart. The thing you’ll know about me if you watch the Gemporia breakfast show is my love for fine jewelry. This essentially means I’ll spend hours window shopping for collections like the Cartier Love Rings or the Pomellato Iconica Collection but never being able to afford them! I was really keen to bring affordability to what is classically and traditionally super expensive.

Eternity by Amelia

When you are creating, do you start with the designs or the gemstones?

I start with the gemstones. Even though I wanted to create an affordable collection, I wanted to be really meticulous about the stones. These are eternity pieces that I hope will be passed from generation to generation. I wanted the gems to represent that emotional value in their quality. Once I decided on the stones, I matched the precious metals to each jewel.

Do you have a favourite design from your latest pieces?

I seriously want them all. I’ve designed my dream jewelry box! But I think if I were to choose one (which is tough) I love the new multi-colored set. It’s the first time I’ve set more than one gem into a ring, and I’ve matched it with earrings and a bangle. So I’d have to have the whole set!

What does the idea of an eternity ring symbolize to you personally?

Eternity rings traditionally are the symbol of unconditional love between two people. When I first started designing this collection, I wanted it to be symbolic of unconditional self-love - a tangible reminder to be kind to yourself and treat yourself how you would treat a loved one. I know how many of you do so much more for others than you do for yourself and are much harder in yourselves than you would be on a loved one. But in the last year, I’ve had a whole new experience of unconditional eternal love. When Jude came along, I thought my heart would burst. He has bought a whole new level of love into our house that is unconditional and eternal.

Eternity by Amelia

Do you have any plans for further additions to the collection?

I want to create more matching pieces and different color combinations and stones. So you’ll all have to let me know your favourite pieces and stones, and I’ll see what I can do!

Which piece of jewelry in your collection means the most to you, and why?

Andy bought me a beautiful feather necklace for Christmas. I love the symbolism of a feather and always say something when I spot them on our afternoon walks. I also love a necklace from Gemporia that producer Jo gave me when I had Jude. It’s engraved with a J for Jude and has a sphere of Aquamarine symbolising blue for a boy.

Are there any other designs or collections brewing in your mind’s eye outside the Eternity range?

Actually, I am working on one more collection, and annoyingly I can’t say too much about it at the moment. I’m so sorry. I know that’s super annoying! Watch this space, and all will be revealed soon.

Eternity by Amelia

When did you first start at Gemporia, and what have your highlights been so far?

Crikey, I think I started in April 2015, so what’s that? Six years now! I’m part of the furniture! Oh, I just love it. I keep thinking that one day someone will tell me, “you can’t get away with calling this work anymore”. I get to sit and try on the most amazing jewelry and chat all morning with like-minded, jewelry obsessed people that have become friends. It’s just brilliant.

That's fantastic, Amelia, and being able to create your own jewelry collections too must be the icing on the cake? For those yet to meet you, when can we tune in and see you on-air?

Absolutely, it's just madness. I'm with you most mornings on the Gemporia breakfast show from 7am to 11am. Everyone is welcome, and I'd be so delighted to have your company. Don't forget to say hello; you can message the studio from our website and app!

Can we keep up with you on social media anywhere?

Yes, I love chatting with everyone on social media. I'm Amelia Grant Presenter on Facebook and @ameliagrantuk on Instagram.

Amelia, thank you so much for your time, and we look forward to seeing you and your brand new Eternity designs on-air on Gemporia on Saturday 14th of August at 7am ET.


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