Around the Board Returns for 2021

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Between January 15th and 24th here at Gemporia, we’ll be celebrating some of our best-loved gemstones as we go Around the Board in our second annual jewellery collecting board game!

We have a beautiful array of very high-quality stones to show you over our exciting ten-day event, including some scarce opportunities to get hold of some of our most seldom seen jewels. How does it work? Read on...

How to Play

If you bought from any of our live shows at the beginning of January, you should have received your Around the Board game card. Don’t worry if you haven’t. You can download one from the link below.

Once you have your game card, you can start following your progress as you add an array of stunning stones to your collection. As you travel around the board, you can become a Discoverer, an Explorer or a Connoisseur, or even all three! All you have to do is collect five gemstones from any section of the board to receive the reward for that category. Complete one category for a commemorative badge, two categories for a further badge or all three categories for the final badge!

It’s so fun to play along whilst building your jewellery collection, so be sure to tune in between Friday 15th January and Sunday 24th January to play along, learn about gemstones and add some stunning pieces to your collection!


Around the Board 2021

When To Watch

We have so many sparkly and exciting shows coming up as part of our Around the Board event. Here’s the full schedule so you can tune in and collect the stones you want to own the most. You’ll be racking up special badges and beautiful pieces in no time!

Friday 15th January

  • 12pm - Malagasy Ruby with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm - Australian Sapphire
  • 8pm - Malawi Garnet


Saturday 16th January

  • 9am - Serenite
  • 12pm - Prasiolite
  • 4pm - Canadian Diamonds with Toby Cavill
  • 8pm - Moroccan Amethyst with Toby Cavill
  • 12am - Tanzanite


Sunday 17th January

  • 12pm - Polki Diamonds with David Troth
  • 4pm - Malawi Garnet
  • 8pm - Australian Argyle Champagne Diamonds


Monday 18th January

  • 9am - Serenite
  • 12pm - Canadian Diamonds with Jake Thompson
  • 4pm - Songea Multi-Colour Sapphire with David Troth
  • 8pm - Colour Change Fluorite with Toby Cavill


Tuesday 19th January

  • 12am - Kaori Pearls


Wednesday 20th January

  • 9am - Australian Sapphire
  • 12pm - Oregon Sunstone with Jake Thompson
  • 4pm - Australian Argyle Champagne Diamonds with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Malagasy Ruby with Toby Cavill


Thursday 21st January

  • 9am - Tanzanite
  • 12pm - Moroccan Amethyst
  • 4pm - John Saul Ruby with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Kaori Pearls
  • 12am - Labradorite with Toby Cavill


Friday 22nd January

  • 9am - Colour Change Fluorite
  • 12pm - John Saul Ruby with Jake Thompson
  • 4pm - Oregon Sunstone with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Luxury Pearls
  • 12am - Montezuma Blue Quartz


Saturday 23rd January

  • 12pm - Luxury Pearls
  • 4pm - Bharat Star Ruby with David Troth
  • 8pm - Oregon Sunstone


Sunday 24th January

  • 9am - Montezuma Blue Quartz
  • 4pm - Bharat Sapphire with David Troth
  • 8pm - Australian Argyle White Diamonds with David Troth
  • 12am - Bharat Star Ruby


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