Gemstone Lore: Rose Quartz - The Heart Stone

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The fair and sweet Rose Quartz, with its soothing and delicate pink hues, is a gemstone of the heart, one of unconditional love. Thought to have been used as a token of love as early as 600 BC, it is believed to attract new love, romance and intimacy as well as helping develop a close bond with friends and relatives. This makes it a special, meaningful gift for loved ones.

Greek mythology and legends are bountiful with tales of love, lust, passion and despair. One such tale of tragedy speaks of Adonis, the god of plants and rebirth. He was the mortal lover of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. One day Adonis, an accomplished hunter, decided to enter a forest to hunt. Aphrodite begged Adonis to give up such a dangerous sport because she could not bear to lose him.

Rose Quartz Gemstone

Aphrodite's jealous ex-lover, Ares, the god of war, saw his chance to seek revenge upon Adonis for taking Aphrodite from him. He turned himself into a wild, ferocious boar and attacked Adonis, fatally wounding him. Hearing Adonis' screams, Aphrodite rushed to save him, tearing her clothes and flesh on a thorny briar bush. It is said that Aphrodite's blood mixed with Adonis' blood and fell onto nearby Quartz, staining it a dusky pink, signifying the symbolic hues of Rose Quartz.

It is said that Aphrodite's blood mixed with Adonis' blood and fell onto nearby Quartz, staining it a dusky pink.

Zeus, seeing the sorrow of lost love, took pity on the torn lovers and declared to bring Adonis back to Aphrodite for six months of every year. The blood-stained Quartz bloomed into the beauty of Rose Quartz, which became a symbol of the love shared, lost and then renewed by Zeus. Another ancient Greek myth tells of Cupid, the god of love, who brought Rose Quartz to Earth to spread more love and passion throughout the world.

Valued in the ancient world for its powers of physical beautification, Rose Quartz face masks have been discovered in Egyptian tombs. Ancient Egyptians and Romans believed that it cleared their skin and had rejuvenating properties. The tradition of rubbing Rose Quartz around the eyes and cheeks in the form of a facial roller still continues to this very day.



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