How To Wear Stacking Rings

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Elegant and simple, perfect for day to day wear and the finishing touch to any outfit - Stacking Rings. We all love them, and we all want some, but what is the best way to style them? Well never fear, Gemporia is here! We'll help you with our very best techniques so that you can stack your rings perfectly every time.

Start Simple!

Start simple when stacking rings, start with a thin ring for an easy build!

To start with, why not try a couple of rings with a thinner band, they look great and their not overbearing when putting them on one finger. You will then be able to stack across your hand for an added stacking effect.

Mix and Match!

Add a little more depth to your stacking rings by mixing up the metals.

If you're not sure if gold, rose gold or silver suits you, why not try all of them. Different metal types complement each other nicely, so nothing is stopping you from combining them.

Add Some Colour!

Gemstone rings are a great way to add some colour to your stacking ring selection!

Gemstones are the best way to add colour and sparkle when layering your rings. Try half eternity bands that include gems like sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Go Big or Go Home!

Cocktail rings are eye-catching, and a great addition to your stacked rings.

If minimal isn't you, then try adding a cocktail ring to your mixture of rings. They add a bold and memorable statement to your stacking selection.

Leave Some Space!

Separate your rings so that there is space between them; this allows each ring to dazzle even more and show their individual uniqueness.

Go A Size Smaller!

Not all rings for stacking need to be the same size, try going a few sizes smaller; this will help with leaving a gap between each ring.

If you're looking for a little bit more inspiration on stacking rings, we've selected our top five stacking rings right here:

1. 9 Karat Gold Three Tone Set of Three Stacking Rings, £185

Set of three 9 karat gold stacking rings.

This set of three stackable rings come in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and is ideal for mixing and matching. Connecting hearts create the band of these rings, which a delicate yet intricate design.

2. 9 Karat Gold Stacker Ring, £83

9 Karat Gold Stackable Ring in a dainty leaf design.

This dainty 9K gold ring is excellent for a soft stacking result. The design of this ring is a contemporary leaf expertly crafted in the centre of the band. This ring would match flawlessly with a lightly textured ring for a rustic feel.

3. Blue Diamond Set in 9 Karat Gold Ring, £214

Chanel set blue diamond 9 karat gold ring.

This statement diamond stacker ring features rare blue diamonds in a channel setting in 9K gold. Pair this with a simple yet elegant gold band for a chic style.

4. Pink Sapphire Ring Set 9 Karat Gold, £128

Pink sapphire stacking ring in 9 karat gold.

This modern sapphire stacking rings features two pear-cut pink sapphires that are both strikingly beautiful. Match his up with an adorable diamond stacking ring to complete the look.

5. Sterling Silver Stacking Rings in Set of 3, £37

Set of 3 Sterling Silver Stacking Rings!

With this selection of stacking rings, you'll be spoilt for choice, with a twisted rope ring, a plain band and a textured ring in sterling silver. Each ring has its own unique design and match perfectly when paired together.

Stacking rings are an accessory that everyone needs to try at least once, and we have these stackable rings and more available to purchase right here. Remember you can style stacking rings however you want, try out a few variations to see what suits you best.


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