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By Gemporia

The one gemstone that needs no introduction, the most famous of all of the precious stones; Diamonds have adorned women for generations.



A Diamond’s story begins over 500 million years ago, deep within the Earth’s Mantle, where they are formed under immense pressure. Once these Diamonds have reached the surface, our experts seek out and hand pick the finest examples for use in your jewellery. Each Gemporia Diamond is selected for use in our limited edition jewellery designs on its own individual merits, which include its inherent fire and striking brilliance.

Tea Plantation Farm, Cameron HighlandAustralia


Even as far back as the first century AD, when Pliny the Elder wrote that "Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world", this stone has captivated all who encounter its undeniable charm. A gemstone that is associated with eternal love due to its standing as the hardest mineral known to man, Diamonds are chosen by many to symbolise an unbreakable union.

"If a Diamond could talk, it would sing - such is its ability to exceed expectations when cut perfectly"


A Gemporia Diamond is strictly graded against the Four Cs - Cut, Carat weight, Colour and Clarity. Our Diamond graders access the potential of each Diamond before the design team create jewellery to showcase their beauty. Our Diamond sorters examine these Diamonds by hand for any visible inclusions or colour variations against the GIA's recognised grading scales. Less than 1% of all of the Diamonds unearthed make it into Gemporia jewellery.



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