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The summer 2020 edition of our Gemology magazine is now shipping with orders. You'll receive your free copy with the first order you place between May 1st 2020 and July 31st 2020, while stocks last. We've packed this issue with so many informative features and pictures that we've even added extra pages, and there's a brand new permanent section inside that you can find out more about below. Whether you love our jewelry, homewares, fashion or beauty items, there's something inside for you. Read on for a taster of just some of the features inside the latest edition.

Csarite: Turkish Miracle


Color Change Diaspore from the mine of Murat Akgun in the Anatolian mountains of southern Turkey is known simply as Csarite. We've been very proud to be one of a very small number of global suppliers of this gem for over a decade, but supplies are running low, and the mine is now going through a significant transition period. In this issue, we tell the Csarite story so far and talk about what to expect from this unique gem in the future.

The Eden Cut Revealed

The Eden Cut

We're delighted to showcase the first designs of the exciting new Eden Collection this issue. The Eden Cut has been bought to Gemporia by the very talented Tara Coomber, a gemstone artist who we bumped into by pure happenstance at a children's party in 2019. Some things are just meant to be, and we can't wait to launch Tara's designs a little later in the year.

Garnet: Colors of the World

Garnet History

Garnet has a long and storied history stretching back thousands of years and is quite rightly regarded as one of the world's most beautiful red gemstones. But there are so many other colors to Garnet, and what's more, they can come from all four corners of the globe. We've taken a look at the fascinating history and science of Garnet and looked at the myriad of collectable hues you can add to your collection.

Fingerprints of Nature

Fingerprints of Nature

Anyone who has been with us for any amount of time will know that we celebrate inclusions in gemstones at Gemporia. Far from deterring from the beauty of a jewel, they add character and individuality to each gem. We've taken a look at some of the fascinating variations in inclusions that we've spotted in gemstones over the years, accompanied by close-up shots of a range of stones that you can explore for yourself.

A Night at the Museum

Fingerprints of Nature

If you watch our live shows, you may have seen the gemstone and mineral museum that we have adjacent to our TV studio. The focal point of the museum is our centrepiece, showcasing twelve of the most incredible gems we've ever been able to buy during our many travels. The time has come to pass these world-class jewels on to their next custodian, and we'll be auctioning them later in the year in a not-to-be-missed one time only event. All twelve are beautifully captured for posterity in this issue of Gemology.

Brand New JewelryMaker Section


We're delighted that the jewelry crafting channel JewelryMaker, which we initially launched in 2010, is now back as part of the Gemporia Partnership. From this issue onwards, JewelryMaker customers will be receiving a copy of Gemology magazine with their orders, complete with a special JewelryMaker cover. All versions of the magazine will feature our brand new JewelryMaker section too, so nobody misses out!

Getting To Know... Toby Cavill

Toby Cavill

Toby Cavill has been part of the jewelry industry for many years, and we couldn't have been happier to welcome him to Gemporia in 2019. This issue, we've had a good chat with Toby about his career so far, what he enjoys most about his job and the path he took that has bought him to your screens as a fountain of knowledge on jewelry and gemstones.

You'll receive a free copy of the magazine with the first order you place this quarter (May, June and July 2020), but if you'd like additional copies of this issue, just click the button below to order more. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our latest edition - the next issue will be along at the start of August.


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