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Gem Artist Glenn Lehrer Returns To Gemporia This Week

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We're delighted to welcome gem artist Glenn Lehrer back to the Gemporia studios this May for a whole week of shows full of his finest creations. Glenn will be with us from Thursday 16th May to Tuesday 21st May. We'll be showcasing his ever-popular TorusRing and Man in the Moon collections and also bringing you three brand new Lehrer creations that you've never seen before. We can't wait for you to see them - read on for the full schedule.

After an almost six month wait, Glenn is back! Across seven shows in six days, we're bringing you the very best of Lehrer, including three brand new cuts to Gemporia and one popular favourite that we're retiring. Don't miss these exciting shows and your opportunity to add these exquisite pieces of art to your jewelry collection.


Lehrer TorusRing

The very first design that Glenn bought to Gemporia viewers in 2011 was the inimitable TorusRing cut, an explosion of light unlike anything else we'd ever seen. The time has come to retire the TorusRing - tune in to Glenn' first show to find out why and add one of the last designs to your collection while you can.

ON-AIR: Thursday 16th May at 3pm/2c with Lynn Jinks

Man In The Moon

Lehrer Man In The Moon

We've been inundated with enquiries asking us when the Man In The Moon collection will be returning to TV screens. Well, the wait is over as Glenn brings exciting new designs and gemstones to the collection. There's a look for everyone in this show, but as always quantities are extremely limited due to the sheer amount of time and skill each piece requires to cut.

ON-AIR: Friday 17th May at 11am/10c with Vicki Carr

Infinity Cut

Lehrer Infinity

The first of Glenn's three new designs makes its debut - the Infinity Cut. Glenn wanted to experiment with the trillion gemstone cut to try and bounce more light into the corners of the stone, which traditionally can appear quite dark. The Infinity Cut is the result of this journey, and Glenn describes the final appearance as like "traveling at the speed of light with an infinity horizon that never ends". They need to be seen with your own eyes, so don't miss this show!

ON-AIR: Saturday 18th May at 3pm/2c with Adina Stubbs AND: Sunday 19th May at 7am/6c with Ellis Ward

Flame Cut

Lehrer Flame

Glenn's second design debut of the week is the Flame Cut. Inspired by the flame as a symbol of knowledge and information, Glenn set out to immortalize the shape in beautifully cut gemstones. Each stone takes significant time, skill and patience to cut, and just two of the lapidarists at our gemstone workshop in Jaipur are cutting this stone. Glenn not only trained them on how to cut the flame shape but also showed them how to make the unique tools needed to create this incredible gem cut. Hear the full story during the show and own a piece forever.

ON AIR: Sunday 19th May at 3pm/2c with Adina Stubbs

Princess TorusRing

Lehrer Princess TorusRing

The third exciting new Lehrer creation coming to your screens is the Princess TorusRing. The traditional TorusRing may be retiring, but Glenn has created this limited collection of Princess TorusRing designs in a variety of stunning gemstones as a way of marking the occasion. Taking the very best of what the traditional princess cut offers and combining it with the sheer artistry of the TorusRing has resulted in this stunning limited edition collection.

ON AIR: Monday 20th May at 11am/10c with Vicki Carr

The Best of Lehrer

The Best of Glenn Lehrer

Glenn's final show of this visit will feature pieces from across his incredible creations. Tune in for a final chance to hear Glenn talk about their creation, inspiration and artistry and the stories behind Glenn's incredible journey to becoming a Master Gem Cutter. Until we welcome Glenn back again later in the year, don't miss your chance to own one of his incredible creations.

ON AIR: Tuesday 21st May at 7am/6c wih Angeline Davies

Click here to learn more about Glenn, or you can browse the Glenn Lehrer Collection here if you'd like to add another sunning piece to your collection.