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Mystic Topaz Gemstone

Mystic Topaz  is  the  ultimate  gemstone cocktail, beautifully combining brilliance with  a kaleidoscope of colours.  It is also known as Rainbow Topaz, Titanium Topaz, Alaskan Topaz and even Caribbean Topaz. Although the  gem features a rainbow of colours, its dominant colours are purple and green.

For all its beauty, it is important to know that  the colours in Mystic Topaz are man-made by applying a coating to the outside of the gem. Although the company that created this process  claim that it is a permanent treatment, over the past year I have had several customers say that it can be damaged. What I have discovered is  that the coating must not be heavily scratched and must be kept away from strong chemicals, which  in  some  circumstances  can  negatively  effect the appearance of the coating. That said,  if treated with a little more care than normal,  the appearance of the gem should prove to be  permanent.

As the real beauty of the gem lies in its magical  colours, it is ideally suited to cuts that have a  big table facet. Octagon and oval cuts bring this  gem to life and if the pavilion is concave cut,  the  effect  becomes  even  more  mesmerising.    Topaz  is  surrounded  in  a  wealth  of  folklore  and legends: many of these are detailed under  Topaz elsewhere in the Learning Library.

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Mystic Neptune Topaz stone, 7.5ct


A Mystic Neptune Topaz ring from the Jacque Christie collection.