Introducing Cruzeiro Topaz

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Gemporia are pleased to launch a brand new variety of Topaz this weekend. Cruzeiro Topaz is the newest and most challenging addition to the ‘Lost Hues’ collection. A collection of colours named after some of Brazil’s most famous depleted gemstones.

This Topaz collection was born out of trying to recapture the beauty that some of the most famous mines in the world produced. These sites once offered the market the finest coloured gemstones, but have sadly long since become depleted.

The Lost Hues

15 months ago, we identified three long-lost deposits to launch this collection, they were Galilea, Bathala and Cruzeiro. We planned to bring the colours, the nuances and the history of these mines back to life by breathing new life into another famous mine…The Marambaia Topaz mine.

We intended to launch all three of these Gemstones on Gemporia’s 12th Birthday. However John and Ken of Azotic in the USA, a company specialising in creating extraordinary colour treatments for gemstones, found the Cruzeiro Rubellite the most challenging colour to perfect and we were much more demanding with them when they replicated this most-prized colour. We were so demanding because we have such a long and rich history with the Cruzeiro deposit and our consumers are so familiar with its extraordinary nuances. However, we wanted to capture the essence of the finest grade of Cruzeiro, the likes of which we were never able to source. In fact, the very finest grades were all mined out in the mine’s infancy, before we had ever formed as a company.

We had to source the Master Stone (the Rubellite that all our Cruzeiro Topaz would be graded against) from the personal collection of a third generation Idar Master Cutter, which was a significant and historic Idar Rubellite from this famed deposit.

To produce this Cruzeiro Topaz we have had to use the finest canvas – Marambaia Topaz. This excellent quality gem hails from the same Brazilian state, Minas Gerais. So this stone carries the same Brazilian DNA as the famed Cruzeiro deposit itself.

Be sure to tune in to Gems TV on Saturday 25th of February at 8pm UK time (3pm EST) to get your hands on a piece of vibrant, rich and enchantingly red Cruzeiro Topaz.

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