Introducing: Daha Kyanite

| 2 min read

This most recent acquisition of Kyanite hails from the world famous Daha mine that sits in the South West region of Nepal, bordering India.

With the Kyanite parcels we have managed to source over the years, we have had direct dealings with one of the biggest Kyanite gem merchants in the world and the parcels were made up of a yield that hails from a number of smaller artisanal mines.

This historical acquisition represents a breakthrough; finally our reputation in this area has allowed us direct access with one of the most shut off mines in the world. This mine is not a huge commercial mine but offers unparalleled quality and it has been a long-term goal of ours to open a dialogue with this source.

The natural stones from this mine in particular have baffled the industry; it is with these stones that one can truly make a fitting comparison to the world’s finest Kashmir Sapphires. The analysis of these stones has drawn field gemmologists from all over the world to ascertain why it is that these Kyanites vary wildly from other deposits locally.

It is with this research that we can fully understand the chemical composition of such a unique gemstone. It has a huge concentration of both iron and titanium which gives the stone its rich royal blue body colour, but it also has trace amounts of chromium and vanadium that allow this stone to truly stand above its peers.

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