Diamond Essentials: 5 Ways to Style Your Dazzlers

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Diamonds are forever, and they shine like no other. As one of the most precious and sought-after stones, Diamonds don’t require much to make them stand out - but don’t let this stop you from embracing your signature style using dazzling Diamond jewellery. When it comes to the array of styles, cuts and colours available, choosing the perfect pieces for your jewellery collection can seem daunting. But tailoring your jewels to complement your style and your personality doesn’t have to be difficult, particularly with Diamonds.

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Diamonds are versatile, easily customisable and have the ability to suit any and all occasions - the opportunities really are endless. But don’t just take our word for it! Whether you’re a Diamond lover looking to shake up your style or a complete jewellery novice, we’ve compiled a list of five key ways you can tailor your Diamonds to suit you.

Daytime Diamonds

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If you have a more minimalist style, smaller and simple Diamonds are the way forward. Minimalist jewellery achieves a classy, trendy look that is heavily customisable depending on the occasion. Keep your Diamonds simple for a chic, everyday design, or add a discreet gemstone for a more unique look.

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Nighttime Diamonds

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If you enjoy making a statement with your jewellery, or you want to maximise your look for a nighttime occasion, larger stones are perfect. If statement jewellery is for you, don’t be afraid to let them have the spotlight by toning down other areas of your outfit. For example, if you choose a bold, eye-catching necklace, opt for a subtle pair of earrings to maintain one key focal point. Work out which piece (or pieces) you’d like to draw attention to, and ensure your other accessories complement your decision.

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Stacking Diamonds

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Whether it’s necklaces, rings or even earrings, stacking is a fun way to incorporate multiple pieces into your signature look. Layering your Diamonds allows you to mix and match your favourite pieces to make sure that, no matter how vast your collection is, all your staples get their time in the sun.

If you’re looking to experiment with your stacking, include a range of different sizes in your style to make them stand out. Explore different chain lengths and ring sizes to make the most of your collection, or make use of different metal types to create a more dynamic and unique look.

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Mixing Diamonds and Gemstones

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Diamonds are timeless and constantly on-trend, but that also means they can be paired with other stunning gemstones. If sticking with one coloured stone doesn’t suit your style, why not throw some other gems into the mix, such as Aquaprase, Australian Blue Sapphire and Malagasy Ruby.

Pairing such vibrant colours draws more attention and opens up more styling opportunities. However, if your style is less bold, try mixing shades instead; if you like blue stones, consider using a range of blues to subtly enhance your look. The contrast isn’t as noticeable, but it catches the eye in just the right way.

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Invest in you

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Diamonds are perfect for all occasions, so investing in a high-quality piece of Diamond jewellery is essential. Larger pieces are a great way to stand out from the crowd and show off your signature style, and smaller stones are perfect for keeping a minimalist, trendy look. Diamonds are forever, and having a high-quality, timeless piece that future generations can cherish is nothing short of priceless.

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Whatever style choices you choose to make, it’s important your pieces make you happy and reflect who you are. Your style should be personal and, however you choose to design your Diamonds, we are sure to have the perfect piece just for you.


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