How to Choose an Engagement Ring Part Two - Style

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Now that you have read our introduction, we can move on to style.

There is no ‘right answer’ when it comes to engagement ring style. Have a nosey if you can at other jewellery in your partner’s collection, what they admire on their friends’ fingers, what draws their attention in shop windows, or what they comment on in magazines.

If you’re buying an engagement ring for a man, there are unfortunately fewer options on the market, but there is no rulebook to follow – you can be as creative as you like in your choice.

Finally, have a good think about their style – do they prefer bold and bright, quirky, or do they prefer classic elegance? Here are some styles to consider:

  • Modern – A contemporary engagement ring, often a central stone with accent gems, or a trilogy of stones.
  • Classic – A true timeless treasure, consider the simplicity of a stunning solitaire ring.
  • Vintage – An antique look, often nature inspired, usually with many accent stones surrounding a traditionally cut central stone.
  • Glamorous – An extravagant style, guaranteed to be eye-catching, plenty of sparkle.
  • Art Deco – Bold, geometric shapes, and plenty of colour.
  • Celtic – Often using eternity or half-eternity settings. Think repeating patterns, intricate knot work or rope work, sometimes with floral motifs.

There are so many styles out there – from medieval inspired brushed metalwork to twisting floral designs, have a good think about what would reflect your partner’s personality best.

It is also worth having a think about how your engagement ring will fit alongside a wedding band. You could also consider going for a matching set for your engagement ring and wedding band. Some styles fit snugly together for comfort.

Once you’ve decided what sort of look to go for, have a look at our guide How to Choose an Engagement Ring Part Three - Setting to see what kind of setting might suit their style.

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