Burma: Gem Adventure of a Lifetime

| 1 min read

The gem-rich Mogok region of Myanmar (Burma), from which some of the world's finest Rubies and Spinels are sourced, has been off-limits to foreigners for many, many years. In late September 2019, Gemporia's David Troth, Jake Thompson and Steve Bennett were made an offer they couldn't refuse - to finally enter this most secretive and magical of gemstone mining areas. Thanks to our good friend Roshan Gyawali, a fifth-generation miner whose family have roots stretching back hundreds of years in this region, we were able to secure seldom-granted permits to tour the area and see with our own eyes the places, processes and people behind these wonderful gemstones. Ever more remarkably, we were granted permission to take our cameras with us and capture this rare opportunity on film. Join Steve, Jake and David on this trip of a lifetime as we step into Mogok and explore this remarkable place.


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