The ocean is a magical place, and we believe that some of the world’s most magnificent gemstones are found under the waves. So, let us bring you ten of our gemstones that either come from, or are inspired by, our vast oceans.


Luxury Stones that can be found at sea

The ocean is home to some of the most magical natural phenomenons, and we're privileged to be able to bring so many sea-born stones to you.


An ocean-born miracle from Mother Nature herself

One of the rarest and one of the finest

Unique stones that can be found at sea

Learning where your gemstone was originally found is always fascinating, and it's always a true pleasure of ours to educate you on where your jewellery comes from.


A green gem and a natural phenomenon

August's birthstone, loved all year around

A gem collector’s delight

Luxury stones inspired by the sea

Although these gemstones are found under the Earth's surface, their colours and hues give them a deep connection to the ocean that deserves to be recognised.


Recently discovered, endlessly adored

A one-of-a-kind gemstone from a one-of-a-kind location

A Gemporia favourite and a collection must-have

Unique stones inspired by the Sea

Found on land but stunningly sea-coloured, these blue gems could be mistaken for the waves themselves.


A timeless classic

Bold, blue and beautiful