The Nilamani Gemstone

A once in a lifetime discovery! In the mountains of the Himalayas, a staggeringly blue gemstone was found gleaming in the rocks. This gemstone was mined for just 18 months and is now already rumoured to be exhausted. We've acquired a small parcel of this mysterious gem, allowing you to add it to your collection at prices you simply can't ignore.

What Is Nilamani?

The Heir to Kashmir Sapphire

For many decades, gem prospectors have scoured the Himalayan Mountains in search of the successor to long-depleted Kashmir Sapphire. Not too long ago, a stunning blue gem was found gleaming in the rocks, and the breakthrough defied all expectations.

A New Discovery

Soon after its discovery, it was established that this jewel was not a Sapphire, but an entirely new find with a deep, bright blue hue akin to the world’s most beautiful Sapphires. Experts couldn’t deny the beauty this unique gem possessed.

A Rare & Beautiful Gemstone

Miners called this new gem Nilamani, which means ‘Sapphire’ in the local dialect. This prestigious term is only ever given to the most exquisite blue gemstones found in the Himalayas.

Why Choose Nilamani?

A Limited Chance To Own

A blue as perfect as this only comes along once in a generation, and the window of opportunity to own it may be closing. The Kashmir Sapphire mine only ever yielded its famous jewels for around five years, and its legacy can still be felt decades later.

The Search Continues

Our initial delight at securing a coveted parcel of these incredible treasures has already been replaced by serious concern that we may not be able to obtain any more. Our gem hunters are back in Nepal fiercely looking for further Nilamani jewels

A Distinguished Provenance

The Himalayas have seen phenomenal geological activity, and are the result of two continents colliding 50 million years ago. This colossal event forced the lands up high into the sky, simultaneously creating the conditions in which treasures like Nilamani were able to form.