Every time you buy from Gemporia, you are helping us to support The Colourful Life Foundation.

Whether by chance or design, most gemstones are found in remote areas of the developing world. Our goal is simple: to ensure that communities in those countries benefit when we sell our jewellery.

At first, we pursued this goal by directly funding a number of projects in Zambia, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania. But more recently, we decided to create an independent charity, dedicated to improving health and education in developing countries where gemstones are found.

The Colourful Life Foundation works with established organisations to fund research-based projects that will deliver long-term, sustainable benefits to communities. Often, these are aimed at supporting existing educational facilities by solving problems that prevent children from having time to attend school regularly, but the Foundation also supports health and environmental projects too.

We will keep you updated with The Colourful Life Foundation’s progress as it works towards its goal. In fact, we have already shared a success story in our Discover section about our work in Kenya.