By carefully controlling the design and production of our jewelry, along with the added advantage of no store rental, we incur fewer costs than our high street competitors. For this reason, we are able to offer our jewelry at a significantly lower price than the high street.

Every month, a representative sample of 100 items of our jewelry is sent to an independent valuer. They tell us how much each of those items would be sold for on the high street. We use their retail valuations to set our start price.

If an item has not been sent for appraisal, we use multiplier from our cost of manufacture to the valuation prices from the independent authority to determine how much the start price should be.

As we only sell genuine gemstone jewelry in silver and gold, all created under the same process and of the same high quality. We are confident that the accredited independent appraisal of the retail value of our jewelry represents a fair market price and will be an accurate indication of the genuine retail price or value of the product.

From gem to jeweller, every step in the typical retail model increases the final price you pay. By eliminating the dealer, importer, wholesaler and high street store we are able to bring massive savings to our customers. We source the gemstones direct from the communities that mine them, design and produce our own jewelry, eliminating the middlemen and their costly mark-ups.

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