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Rutile Topaz Gemstone

You may have read about Rutilated Quartz before; you may have even  acquired a piece. Now I would like to introduce you to Rutile Topaz.

Firstly, in all of my travels I have only ever been offered two parcels of this gemstone. On both occasions, once a price had been agreed and I  started to select from the parcels, I only selected about  5%  of  the  pieces  to  purchase.  Unlike Rutilated  Quartz,  Rutile  Topaz  only  tends  to have a very small amount of rutile inclusions in each gem, and to truly appreciate the wonderful appearance of these inclusions, you need quite  a  high  concentration  of  them  to  make  the gem attractive. I only select pieces where the inclusions are parallel to the table, as when this  occurs  their  image  can  often  be  reflected  off  the facets on the pavilion and you get to see a  wonderful mirror image.

The  golden  threads  within  the  crystal  white  Topaz are truly stunning, but as I have only ever  purchased around 30 pieces to-date, I doubt that  we will ever be likely to set them in jewellery.  This gemstone really is one for the collectors.    If you are looking to add Rulite Topaz to your collection, but aren’t really worried about the quality, then shop around, if you are looking for  top quality pieces then check  to see if we have any in stock.

Please note that although we refer to this gem  as Rutile Topaz, the GIA (who have tested this material) believe that the inclusions don’t stem  from rutile but are “open channels colored by  limonite”.  The material I have sourced is mined  in Brazil and I have recently heard that it can also be found in Burma.

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