How to Tell if your Diamond is Real

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Sadly, the jewelry marketplace is often flooded with fakes and synthetics. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether your Diamond is the real deal or not. Here at Gemporia, we lab test our gemstones, so that we can be sure that what you receive is what we say it is. But perhaps you've bought a Diamond elsewhere and you're not sure if it's real or not. Try these quick and simple tricks to separate the genuine from the synthetic and the valuable from the imitation.


Turn your Diamond upside down and place it on a piece of newspaper. If you can read the text, it probably isn't a Diamond. The crystal structure of a Diamond makes the light bend so sharply that it prevents you from reading the text. If it's glass or cubic zirconia you will be able to read the words.


Nothing can scratch a Diamond other than another Diamond, so if you whip out some sandpaper and your jeweler looks scared, it's probably not a Diamond. Try sanding the Diamond liberally, it will not scratch.


If you shine a light onto a Diamond it will show white brilliance on its surface, while reflecting rainbow colors (fire) on to other surfaces. If it's not a real Diamond, the rainbow colors will appear inside the 'Diamond' rather than outside.


As Diamonds lose heat really quickly, they will never fog up. If you breathe onto a gemstone and it fogs up, it is probably not a Diamond.

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