Light Up Your Life with Gemporia's Lantern Festival

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Celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, the Lantern Festival traditionally marks the end of the Chinese New Year period. To celebrate, we will be bringing showcases of Chinese gemstones and collections that are inspired by their connections to the region.

Drop in on Gemporia between Friday, February 11th and Tuesday, February 15th for a full schedule of eastern-sourced and Chinese-inspired showcases featuring gemstones, including Red Jadeite, Green Jadeite, Aquamarine, Natural Yellow Diamonds, Australian D-Cut Sapphire, Burmese Spinel, Paraiba Tourmaline and many more. Scroll down the page for just some of the daily highlights that are not to be missed over our five-day event.

On top of these deals and delights, everyone who purchases from our main Gemporia channel during the event is in with a chance of receiving a surprise red envelope in their order, with a money off voucher for a future purchase, and with no minimum spend! (While envelope stocks last.)

Paraiba Tourmaline

Friday 11th February

  • 4am ET - Paraiba Tourmaline with Toby Cavill
  • 7am ET - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 11am ET - Aquamarine with Toby Cavill
  • 2pm ET - Pro ife CBD with Cherry Cavill
  • 7pm ET - Drusy Vanadinite

Burmese Spinel

Saturday 12th February

  • 4am ET - Aquamarine
  • 7am ET - Burmese Spinel
  • 11am ET - Nigerian Rubellite
  • 3pm ET - Natural Yellow Diamonds
  • 7pm ET - Paraiba Tourmaline


Sunday 13th February

  • 4am ET - Natural Yellow Diamonds
  • 7am ET - Australian Blue Sapphire
  • 11am ET - Type A Red Jadeite with David Troth
  • 3pm ET - Type A Green Jadeite with David Troth
  • 7pm ET - Nigerian Rubellite

Australian Blue Sapphire

Monday 14th February

  • 7am ET - Paraiba Tourmaline
  • 11am ET - Green Jadeite with David Troth
  • 3pm ET - Red Jadeite with David Troth


Tuesday 15th February

  • 4am ET - Vanadinite Drusy
  • 7am ET - Beauty Tuesday with Kati Elliott
  • 11am ET - Australan D Cut Sapphire
  • 2pm ET - Beauty Tuesday with Kati Elliott
  • 7pm ET - Jade with Jake Thomspon

We hope you can join us for this big celebration event and add a little gemstone light to your life this Lantern Festival. Click the below button to tune in and watch the live show.


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