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From fashion and beauty to homewares and, of course, genuine gemstone jewelry, we strive to bring you the best items at the most affordable prices. So join us for our forthcoming showcase events, and you'll be the first to see all the latest new designs and items that we've curated for you to enjoy.

Argyle Diamonds Weekend

Argyle Diamonds Weekend

Friday 3rd December - Sunday 5th December

After the closure of the mine, and as deposits begin to dwindle, we are incredibly fortunate to bring you the finest Argyle Diamonds. The New York Times recently published an article titled ‘Shopping for a Diamond is About to Change’, confirming that the Argyle standard of Diamond is no more. We are very honoured to have secured a small collection of flawless and exceptional legacy pieces from this unique location. Will you be the custodian of one of our final limited pieces and be among the few to share the incredible story of these historical pieces in years to come?

Canadian Diamonds Weekend

Canadian Diamonds Weekend

Friday 10th December - Sunday 12th December

When it comes to incredible Diamonds, those found by Rio Tinto at the Diavik mine in Canada dance and shimmer with pristine clarity that perfectly mirrors the crisp polar skies under which they formed. Canadian Diamonds from the vast northernmost region of Canada are as alluring as the Northern Lights that illuminate this vast wonderland near the Arctic Circle. This is a wilderness of unsurpassed beauty, a land of snow-covered lakes and islands that remain frozen for up to ten months of the year. Join Gemporia for the whole incredible story of these natural wonders.

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