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Welcome to our looking ahead blog, where you'll find all the latest news on the big events coming to your screens in the coming weeks. You can save this page to your favourites list in your browser and make it super easy to check for the most up-to-date announcements.

From fashion and beauty to homewares and, of course, genuine gemstone jewellery, we strive to bring you the best items at the most affordable prices. So join us for our forthcoming showcase events, and you'll be the first to see all the latest new designs and items that we've curated for you to enjoy.

Deal or More Deal

Deal or More Deal

Friday 14th January 2022 - Sunday 23rd January 2022

What’s in the mystery box? Join us for Deal or More Deal on Gemporia to find out! At any point in any show between Friday 14th and Sunday 23rd January, we could be opening one of our six mystery boxes to reveal a fantastic deal, which will instantly be applied to the on-air item! Every one of the six boxes conceals a fantastic offer that could be anything from money off the item, a free gift, free postage or one of many other exciting, super-secret deals.

What’s more, every time we play Deal or More Deal, we’ll be asking Gemporia customers to call through to the studio and pick the box to be opened, entirely at random. We have some wonderful and rare gemstones to bring you during the event, not to mention our homewares, fashion and beauty collections. So don’t miss this chance to grab nature’s finest jewels with an extra special bonus deal on top. Here's a look at some of the special shows coming up.

Tuesday 18th January

  • 9am - Green Dragon Demantoid
  • 12pm - Beauty Tuesday with Kati Elliott
  • 4pm - Zhujiang Naturally Lavender Cultered Pearls with Jake Thompson
  • 7pm - Beauty Tuesday with Kati Elliott
  • 9pm - YouBamboo

Wednesday 19th January

  • 9am - Cultured Pearl Statement Pieces
  • 12pm - Purple Moonstone with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm - Ruby Zoisite with David Troth
  • 8pm - Botli Apatite with Jake Thomspon

Thursday 20th January

  • 9am - Bespoke Collection
  • 12pm - Health and Wellbeing with Steve Bennett
  • 4pm - AAA Tanzanite with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Russian VSi Diamonds with Jake Thompson

Friday 21st January

  • 9am - Ratanakiri Blue Zircon
  • 12pm - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 4pm - Russian VSi Diamonds with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Health and Wellbeing with Poppy Hadkinson
  • 12am - AAA Tanzanite

Saturday 22nd January

  • 9am - Ambilobe Sphene with Toby Cavill
  • 12pm - Congo Tourmaline
  • 4pm - Madagascan Blue Sapphire
  • 7pm - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 12am - Botli Apatite

Sunday 23rd January

  • 9am - Madagascan Blue Sapphire with David Troth
  • 12pm - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 4pm - Grandidierite with David Troth
  • 8pm - Natural Lavendar Jade with David Troth
  • 12am - Russian VSi Diamonds

Tucson Gemstone Trade Fair 2022

Tucson Gemstone Trade Fair 2022

Friday 28th January 2022 - Sunday 6th February 2022

Join us for ten days of the newest and freshest gemstones as we prepare for the 2022 Tucson Gemstone Trade Fair in Arizona, USA.

You can watch Gemporia TV live in the UK 24-hours a day on Freeview channel 44, Sky channel 665, Virgin Media channel 755 and Freesat channel 805, as well as on YouTube or right here on our website. Click the below button to watch now - we'd be delighted to have you as our guest.


Occasionally, show contents may change due to circumstances beyond our control. Should this occur, check back to this page for details of rescheduled shows and events.