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Meet Our Birthday Guests

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Gemporia - the world's longest running jewelry channel - has been bringing the world's finest gemstones to your TV screens for 16 whole years, and we're in the mood for our biggest ever celebration! We'll be welcoming our treasured guests on-air throughout the event, in the studio and down the line from their own homes, where they'll be entertaining us with their fascinating stories from across the globe, from their lives spent in the jewelry industry. Learn a little more about each of our guests here...

Toby Cavill

The vastly experienced Toby has spent many years in the gemstone, jewellery and prospecting world, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear his fascinating stories during the event. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Colombian Emerald and Natural Yellow Diamond are just three of the jewels Toby will be sharing his knowledge on.

David Troth

Our gemstone expert David will be present throughout the event with a stunning selection of gemstones including Nilamani, Gradidierite, Star Ruby, Kelayi Opal, Green Sapphire, White Argyle Diamond and many more.

Jake Thompson

Gemporia’s purchasing director Jake will be with us throughout the event taking us through some of his favourite finds, including Ethiopian Sapphire, Ethiopian Emerald, Blue Prong Pink Spinel, Asscher Cut Tanzanite, Lueda Sapphire and Champagne Argyle Diamonds among many more.

Glenn Lehrer

We’re delighted to welcome Glenn and his incredible gemstone art back to the show. Look out for Glenn’s Flame Cut, Man in the Moon and Infinity collections, along with the exciting launch of his brand new Matrix collection.

Mariusz Gielo

Mariusz will be joining us for some exciting new Baltic Amber showcases as he talks about his extensive experience with this fossilised wonder, and working out of Gdansk, Poland - the Amber capital of the world.

Kati Elliott

Kati will be bringing the very best of her Visage makeup range to your screens during the event, including exciting new launches of her Eyebrow Palettes and Highlighters.

Hattie Greenwood

Hattie will be showcasing the latest new designs from her Destello fashion collection throughout our birthday bash. Tune in to see some very special launches throughout.

Gavin Merrison

Gavin from Connoisseurs Jewellery Care will be joining us to share a range of jewellery care products that have been specially designed to keep your pieces looking their absolute best.

Ken Gurny

We welcome Topaz specialist Ken back to Gemporia to showcase an incredible range of vibrant red Cruzeiro Topaz pieces with a style to suit everyone.

John Rylander

Topaz specialist John will also be joining us to showcase the delicate soft pinks of Galileia Topaz and the ethereal magic of Mystic Blue Topaz.

Rudi Wobito

The Snowflake Cut by the Wobito Bros has proved incredibly popular since it launched, and we’re delighted to welcome Rudi to exhibit some new designs featuring the unmistakable artistry of the cut.

Russell Twiford

Turquoise expert Russell will be bringing his vast knowledge of the gemstone to your screens with exclusive new designs featuring both Cochise Turquoise and Oyster Turquoise.

Yianni Melas

Gemstone adventurer Yianni will be in the studio to showcase exciting new pieces of Aquiba Beryl™, Aquaprase™ and Santorinite™ Blue Spinel jewellery, whilst entertaining us with his gem hunting tales.

Poppy Hadkinson

Wellbeing expert Poppy is bringing a selection of Primal Living products to the event and will be sharing her knowledge on how to live better.

Charlie Barron

Sixth generation Pearl dealer Charlie is back with us for some extraordinary shows during our 16th birthday event - join us for your chance to own world-class Pearls from the southern seas.

Jainey Bennett

Jainey’s homeware collection, including her candles and perfumes, has gone from strength to strength since it launched in late 2016, and Jainey will be joining us for some new additions to the range across the celebration.

Steve Bennett

Our founder and CEO will be bringing his enviable knowledge of precious gemstones to your screens across our 16th birthday celebration and will be showcasing some of his absolute favourite jewels, including Chrome Diopside, Moroccan Amethyst and Tanzanite.

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