The Destello Collection by Hattie Greenwood

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We've had a chat with Hattie Greenwood about her exciting new fashion range Destello, to find out her inspiration behind the collection and what beautiful new items we have to look forward to in the coming months.

Hi Hattie, how are you?

Hello. I’m fabulous! I’m still overwhelmed by the excitement and buzz around Destello. It really has been a dream come true.

How long have you wanted to launch a fashion range?

I have always wanted to do something within fashion, and I have dabbled throughout the years. I was a fashion buyer for a jewellery store I worked at some years ago and was able to travel to Paris and see the latest trends.

Destello Black Handbag

What inspired the name?

Destello is the Spanish word for flash. I think of it as a flash of light, like a star. The whole reason I wanted to go into fashion was because of my mum. She was the modern-day Grace Kelly in my eyes. She taught me how it was important to have core staple items in my wardrobe that never date. In honor of my mum Daryl, I named the brand Destello.

That’s really touching Hattie. Is that the sentiment you want to get across?

Absolutely. Destello is the brand for every woman, designed by a woman for making you feel special and confident. They say ‘fashion is a way to introduce yourself without having to say a word’. With Destello, you will feel like a star.

What’s in the range?

Destello is all things accessories. From hats and scarves to ponchos and handbags, with many more coming soon. I collect handbags like some people collect shoes! I can never have enough; I’m the sort of person who has the same style in every color!

Any sneak previews of what’s in the works?

I’m looking at clothing, sunglasses and maybe even shoes. The beauty of the fashion world is that it’s always evolving. My job is to find and design those key staple items which are effortless and perfect.

Destello Sling Handbags

What’s your favorite item from Kati’s new Visage collection?

What! I can’t choose only one! I love everything. I also adore learning all these new tricks from Kati, which I can do with her makeup. I waited for her launch to buy all my new makeup. Kati is my rock! To work on such an exciting, new concept together has been incredible. We talk every day.

Do you have a fashion icon?

I love Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Lorna Luxe. They each inspire me in a different way. These women have proven their fashion choices and have stood the test of time with their designs.

How can people follow the range?

You can follow me online on Facebook (@hattiegreenwoodpresenter) and Instagram (hattiepresenter). I love sharing photos of the range, plus you’ll see the occasional photo of my ragdoll, Bear!

Thanks for talking to us Hattie. You can click the button below to explore Hattie's Destello Collection for yourselves. Keep checking back as exciting new items are being added all the time.