All Aboard The Oriental Express for an Epic Gemstone Journey

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Grab your first class ticket and hop on board for the journey of a lifetime! During our Oriental Express event, we're heading east from Istanbul, continuing on from the traditional end point of the Orient Express. As we wind our way across the continents, we'll be stopping off at some of the most important gemstone sources of all time and exploring them in more detail.

We'll take in the sights, sounds and stones of these legendary destinations as we make our pilgrimage towards Tibet, the final stop on this epic trip. The train will be departing at 3pm ET on Wednesday, 12th February, and you can see our full itinerary and the route we'll be taking below.

Oriental Express Map

  • Wednesday 12th February: Turkey for CsariteĀ® (3pm ET)
  • Thursday 13th February: Mawi Rubellite (7am ET) and Nuristan Kunzite (11am ET), and Pakistan for Suppatt Peridot (3pm ET)
  • Friday 14th February: India for Odisha Kyanite (4am ET), Octavian Garnet (11am ET) and Serpentine (7pm ET)
  • Saturday 15th February: Burma for Burmese Spinel (4am ET), Burmese Ruby (7am ET) and Mogok Grey Spinel (12pm ET), and Thailand for Thai Ruby (3pm ET)
  • Sunday 16th February: Thailand for Thai Sapphire (4am ET) and Black Spinel (7am ET), and Cambodia for Ratanakiri Blue Zircon (3pm) and Ratanakiri White Zircon (7pm ET)
  • Monday 17th February: China for Natural Pink Fluorite (7am ET), Red Dragon Peridot (11am ET) and Colour Change Fluorite (3pm ET)
  • Tuesday 18th February: Tibet for Tibetan Turquoise (11amET) and Nepal for Nilamani (3pm ET)


So, all aboard for a very special gemstone adventure in our luxury carriage as we wind our way through these beautiful lands on our first ever Oriental Express gemstone odyssey - only on Gemporia.


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