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Presenter Lynn Jinks has recently launched her own unique ‘Inspired By…’ jewelry collection here at Gemporia. Every month, the theme of the collection changes and Lynn brings an on-trend selection of beautiful new jewelry designs to your screens.

We caught up with Lynn to see how she goes about creating her collections and what themes we have to look forward to later in the year. Also, Lynn has been with Gemporia for our full decade-and-a-half history, and here she shares some of her favorite memories from our first 15 years on-air.

Thank you for talking to us, Lynn. Are you well?

I am very well thank you, I hope all the readers are too? I am very much looking forward to the summer and, hopefully, we will have some more sunshine.

How are the family, and how’s life with the little one?

The family is great, thank you. We have been enjoying lots of get-togethers, making memories and living life to the fullest. Ava is growing into a little character now, and it’s fantastic to watch how she learns and grows. She is getting to be a little person who is very comical, she must take after her daddy. She has a fantastic sense of humour and is a pleasure to be around. Life is busy and my days are filled to the max before I arrive to do my evening show here at Gemporia, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so blessed to be a mummy, and I am cherishing every moment.

How did you approach creating your ‘Inspired By…’ collection?

I was asked by Gemporia to design a collection to go on-air every month based on the interests of our customers and what is in demand in the jewelry industry. Unlike the other fabulous presenter collections, these are not from my mind’s eye. Instead, each collection has been inspired by current trends in the industry and hot celebrity looks. This is why each collection begins with ‘Inspired by…’. I am so proud of the pieces that have been commissioned already, and customer feedback has been exceptional.

So far we’ve seen your Inspired By... Iconic, Designer and Monochrome collections. What’s next?

Some brilliant new ranges are in the planning stages, such as party wear, celebration pieces, daring bold designs, intricate keepsake pieces, heritage designs and much more. Think red carpet looks at affordable prices.

How do you approach the design side?

I start with lots and lots of research into the jewelry market. I’m trying to take those red carpet designs and work within a specific budget to get the same looks while maintaining an affordable price. This is so my collectors can have lots of luxury on-trend looks for everyday wear, without having to resort to costume jewelry because they couldn’t find the designer look they wanted with genuine gemstones.

Where do you start with your inspiration for each new range?

I think inspiration comes from so many influences around me, from the high street trends to jewelry worn at celebrity events, from the Paris and Milan catwalks to my own visions of which gems work in which designs. I have always loved jewelry, and I have some very luxurious high-end pieces, but for me, it’s always been about having different looks for lots of different occasions. I want big designer looks with real gemstones, but without the high price. The more pieces I can own with high-end luxury designs, the better. So I am hopefully making that happen for us all.

Are there any other themes you’d like to explore as the collections grow?

I think only time will tell. I shall keep my ear to the ground and follow the trends and bring the designs to you as soon as we can. All my collections are made as soon as the commission is placed, and the idea is to be as current and quick as possible. There is no point in seeing a special design in August, and then taking six months to bring it to the customer. It’s all about having it now, which I am so pleased about.

What has the feedback been like so far?

Each collection has had a great response, and I think this is because the designs are current, affordable and desirable to many jewelry and gemstone lovers. Feedback has been exceptional with a real buzz and excitement from one collection to the next.

Are you looking at doing any gem specific collections at any point?

Yes, the upcoming Petalite collection is gem specific, and I have a real soft spot for it. Petalite is known as ‘the gemstone of the angels’, and I think whether that’s an earth angel, friend, loved one who has passed or a relative still with us, we all have an angel near or around us. On a similar note, the forthcoming Star Collection is personal to me, but I am positive each customer will have their own reasons for investing in a stunning piece of this exceptional range.

Can our collectors get in touch with their own ideas?

Yes, I am always happy to hear ideas and thoughts from our collectors. Find me at [email protected]

Inspired By Lynn Jinks

We’ve just celebrated Gemporia’s 15th birthday. What are your memories of the launch?

It was so exciting yet also really nerve-wracking. The walls of the studio were still wet as we had all been painting right up until the time we went live on-air. Nobody had ever done anything like it before, and it was revolutionary. On the day of the launch, no one knew what would happen. Would the customers like our jewelry? Would they understand the process behind how we bought and made the jewelry? Would they pick up the phone? I remember how small the studio was and that the gallery, where the producer and director sat, was in an old converted burger van! As soon as the show went live, the jewelry was flying out of the door. We were all so pleased because we all believed in the jewelry so much. It was a very special day.

How much has life changed for you in that time?

Oh, so much. I am now married to a wonderful man who is the kindest and most generous husband, and after a long journey, we now have our little rainbow, our daughter Ava. Life has been full of adventures, and it has been a really exciting journey. Plus it’s not over yet – I believe the best is still to come.

Do you remember your first EVER Gems TV auction?

Now you are asking... I think it was Alexandrite. There is a very old clip hanging around on YouTube of myself and Nick Davies when we used to present together. I look so young and all the graphics on screen seem so dated now, but at the time they were the bee’s knees. We used to have lever arch files on set with us which had all the gemstone information in them. This was before I had the knowledge I have now. I still to this day surprise myself with the education and understanding I have on gemstones, jewelry and the industry in general.

Have your favorite gemstones changed over the years?

Yes, and they are changing all the time. It began with Diamonds and Rubies, and now I think it depends on what mood I am in. I have some exceptional Lorique pieces in my collection of gemstones that I just couldn’t miss out on. Garnet, Aquaprase™ and Chrome Diopside are taking my breath away at the moment. The gems we currently hold are simply spectacular.

Will you be using any of your favorite pieces as inspiration for future ‘Inspired By...’ themes?

I think that it would be impossible for me not to be inspired by some of my own pieces. However, one thing is for certain. The collections will always be on-trend, current and with that added Lynn Jinks twist.

Here’s the big birthday question, Lynn! What are your favorite memories and stand out moments from the last 15 years at Gemporia?

Gemporia has changed and evolved over the years into the fantastic company that it is today. The people I have had the pleasure of working with have helped to shape the company, and it is the passion of the team here that makes Gemporia so unique. There’s a real family feel here, and the commitment to our viewers and our integrity and honesty makes the company different from any other in this industry, in my opinion. Memories for me include Rod (my husband) falling over during a live presentation with me. It is just a TV highlight and still to this day very funny. Also, when I presented with Angeline on Gemporia’s 10th anniversary show, it was a special moment to share with my very best friend. All the Halloween shows stand-out in my memory, especially as each year the outfits and costumes get more elaborate. There has been so much fun and laughter both behind the scenes and live on-air. What else… the telephone callers that have come through live on-air, the Gemporia customer ball events where I have met so many of our collectors, the amount of jewelry I have held and worn, the industry professionals I have had the pleasure of presenting with, the talented individuals I work alongside daily... But most of all the fun, knowledge and experience I have gained in my career. I am now a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional, and I am still learning all the time. From trips to Thailand and Morocco, from laughing and dancing on-screen to dropping jewelry down tops, the memories are endless. One thing is for sure, it’s been interesting, fun and challenging, and long may it continue.

It must be wonderful to bring all your experience and knowledge into your new collection. Creating them must have been a lot of fun?

Yes, and it has been great to work with Paula Bennett and the fantastic team in India to bring my ideas and designs to life. Everyone is so kind and generous with their time, especially when I am very picky about the specific look I am aiming for while keeping to the fantastic price points I want for my jewelry collectors.

Thank you for speaking to us Lynn, we look forward to seeing you and your collection grow and flourish over the coming months and years.

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