The Best Sellers and Top Deals of our 14th Birthday Event

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We've got a lot going on for our 14th birthday event, so we've picked out five must-see highlights from the first week of the event that are packed with gorgeous jewelry and our very best deals.

1. Lost Hues of Topaz with John Rylander and Ken Gurney

John Rylander and Ken Gurney

Topaz experts John Rylander and Ken Gurney join is over three days to showcase their wonderful Lost Hues of Topaz, including for the first time ever the luxury dark blues of Versailles Topaz. Tune in to hear the stories behind the stones and grab yourself an exceptional deal on these wonderful colors.


  • Tuesday October 2nd at 3pm/2c: Versailles Topaz
  • Wednesday October 3rd at 7am/6c: Galileia Topaz
  • Wednesday October 3rd at 11am/10c: Cruzeiro Topaz
  • Thursday October 4th at 4am/5c: Batalha Topaz
  • Thursday October 4th at 7am/6c: Santa Maria Topaz

2. Gemstone Artistry with Glenn Lehrer

Glenn Lehrer

Legendary gemstone artist Glenn Lehrer is spoiling us this year with new designs in all of his most popular collections. With a lifetime of skill available to own for such remarkably low prices, make sure you don't miss the stories and stones of these very special collections.


  • Thursday October 4th at 3pm/2c: TorusRing Collection
  • Friday October 5th at 8am/7c: QuasarCut Collection
  • Saturday October 6th at 11am/10c: Coalesce Collection
  • Sunday 7th October at 3pm/2c: Man in the Moon Collection
  • Monday 8th October at 11am/10c: The Best of Glenn Lehrer
  • Tuesday 9th October at 3pm/2c: The Best of Glenn Lehrer

3. Ethiopian Opal with Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett

Gemologist Matt Bennett makes a welcome return to the Gems TV studio to share his first hand experience of sourcing Ethiopian Opal from one of the most remarkable mines he's ever visited. As always, supply of the gem is extremely limited so we're only expecting to be able to bring you one show.


  • Thursday October 4th at 6pm/5c: Ethiopian Opal

4. Wobito Snowflake Cut with Rudi Wobito

Rudi Wobito

We’re delighted to welcome Rudi Wobito back to the studio to exhibit some new designs featuring the unique artistry of his beautiful Snowflake Cut gemstones. Tune in to hear the first-hand story of how Rudi and his brother Ralph created the cut, and what inspired them to pick the snowflake design.


  • Friday October 5th at 11am/10c: Snowflake Cut
  • Saturday October 6th at 3pm/2c: Snowflake Cut
  • Sunday October 7th at 7am/6c: Snowflake Cut

5. Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron

Charlie Barron

Sixth generation Pearl farmer and expert Charlie Barron will be back in the studio with new designs featuring his hand-picked Maruata, South Sea and Tahitian Cultured Pearls. Charlie has many stories to tell so make sure you join him for these informative and entertaining showcases.


  • Saturday 6th October at 7am/6c: Luxury Pearls
  • Sunday 7th October at 11am/10c: Luxury Pearls
  • Monday 8th October at 3pm/2c: Luxury Pearls

These are just some of the exciting highlights of our biggest ever birthday celebration. Click here to see the full schedule of what's on and don't miss a moment. You can also watch all our birthday shows live here.

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