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By Gemporia

A gemstone that was once marketed as "The Plush Diamond", Serenite has an enchanting and intense sparkle defined by its copper content.



Serenite is ethically extracted from a remote mine located amongst breathtaking scenery in the centre of an ancient dried out lake in Oregon, USA. Serenite is a gemstone that literally glows with an incredible brilliance. In fact, back in the late 1840s, gemologists at Tiffany's were said to have named the gemstone as an "Immature Diamond". Without today's modern technology and advanced research tools, they could tell the hardness was different to a Diamond, but they were unable to test its chemical composition.

They therefore came to the conclusion that this incredibly bright and sparkling gemstone must be a Diamond that hadn’t finished growing. The Serenite mine is some 25 miles north of the nearest town of Plush and is located close to the original Tiffany’s mine. In fact, many many years ago Tiffany did market a small selection of incredibly clear Sunstone pieces from this area as "The Plush Diamond". Fast forward to today though and we now own the mine that this is sourced from, so new finds of this breathtaking gem are exclusive to the Gemporia name.

Only Discovered InOregon, USA


Serenite is a gemstone that is exceptionally rare and a gemstone we were keen to identify when our team uncovered it at the mine. We had conflicting lab reports from internationally revered gemstone labs all agreeing on its composition and minerology but disputing the name. So we decided to definitively name this variety of exceptional feldspar – Serenite.

Serene meaning calm, peaceful or tranquil and also ‘Seren’ being welsh for star; with the way the light interacts with this gemstone it really gives a twinkle and fire encapsulating a perfect sky at night.

Only Discovered InOregon, USA

"A gemstone once mistaken for diamond however this stone is much rarer and offers a unique interaction with light."


Serenite has a number of properties that not only make it exquisite but also unique. Gemporia serenite has to offer a clarity that isn't often associated with feldspar gemstones and this allows our gemstone cutters to maximise the beauty of each rare gemstone.

Serenite also contains light reflecting copper platetlets suspended within the stone which cause the light to ricochet around the internal structure of the crystal before escaping in a phenomenal display of adventurescence (also known as schiller). These copper flecks also give the gem its distinctive champagne colour and a slight neon appearance. This remarkable gemstone is also pleochroic which means it can showcase two different colours at the same time.



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