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Quenched Crackle

Many  people in the gem trade will not agree  with what we have done with this gem, but it’s  incredibly attractive and, to be quite honest, a  bit of fun! One of the reasons some don’t like it  is because the technique has been used for over  a  thousand  years  to  make  Ruby  and  Emerald  imitations.  However,  that’s  not  what  we  are  doing here: we are using it as a technique to  make some very attractive looking Quartz for  our  fashionable  jewellery  and  clearly  stating  what it is - Quenched Crackle Quartz!  But what  does it mean? Well, we take colourless Quartz,  normally from Brazil, facet it and then rapidly  heat it up so that it cracks (that’s the crackle).  Into the cracks we pour various coloured dyes  (that’s the quench) and then we cool down the  gem trapping the dye inside.

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