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This  is  a  term  used  by  many  experts  to  describe gems that appear to glow in the dark.  The effect is similar to the luminous hands on a  watch that help you tell the time when you wake  in the middle of the night.

Phosphorescence is a process in which the energy  absorbed by certain gems from ultra violet light  is  slowly  released  in  the  form  of  light  from  within the gem. For example, Kunzite, Diamond  and Tourmaline are sometimes phosphorescent.  Kunzite  is  possibly  the  best  gem  in  which  to  observe phosphorescence and most high-quality  Kunzite will appear to glow for several minutes  after the ultra violet light source is removed. A  famous example of a phosphorescent gem is the  infamous  Hope  Diamond:  it  is  said  that  after  shining  an  ultraviolet  light  on  it,  it  will  glow  red-orange for about five minutes when the light  source has been removed.

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Kyanite is a phosphorescent gemstone.