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Prasiolite Gemstone

Prasiolite, also known as Vermarine or Green Amethyst is quite simply Green Quartz. Although the gem can be formed naturally, it is often produced by carefully heating Amethyst or Citrine, a technique mastered at the Montezuma mines in Brazil.

When natural, this beautiful, vibrant grass-green gemstone is an extremely rare member of the Quartz family. To find a large example of this gem is even rarer, as the crystal structure is different from other Quartzes and so does not produce a very even colour, even in a single stone.

Green Amethyst is reputed to have many miraculous powers attributed to it. It is said to bring good fortune and luck and was symbolic of someone with high ranking. Many other myths and legends can be transferred or borrowed from Amethyst.

Praisiolite, Vermarine, Green Amethyst (or whatever you prefer to call it) is often confused with other gemstones such as Peridot, Green Tourmaline and Green Beryl.

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A spectacular Green Amethyst and Diamond ring

from the Boutique Collection