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Beryl Gemstone

A biblical family of highly respected gemstones.

The Beryl family boasts some of the finest and most historical gems available. When green, it is referred to as Emerald; when red, Bixbite; when blue, Aquamarine; when pink, Morganite; when colourless, Goshenite; and when yellow it is known as Heliodor, or Yellow or Golden Beryl.

The name is derived from the Greek “beryllos”, which was used when referring to gems with a precious blue-green colour. In its pure form the gem is colourless, and it is due to different impurities that provide Beryl with its varied offspring.

Worn in jewellery for centuries, historical references of this gem can be found in the Bible, “the wheels of God’s throne are described as having the appearance of gleaming Beryl”. (Ezekiel 1:16). The latest addition to the Beryl family is pink Beryl, which was discovered by G.F. Kunz in 1911. He named it Morganite after the famous banker J.P. Morgan, who was both an avid gem collector and one of Tiffany’s (for whom Kunz worked) largest customers.

Members of the Beryl family are generally heat treated to enhance their colour. The gem is mined in several locations: Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia and South Africa.


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Yellow Beryl.