Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

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What better gift to give on a wedding anniversary than a piece of genuine gemstone jewellery? Chocolates are delicious and flowers are beautiful - and both make lovely gifts - but a gemstone lasts a lifetime and can be passed on as part of a legacy. In years to come when you think back to your milestone anniversaries, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a lasting memento of the day to go with the photos and videos?

When it comes to gemstones, there is a comprehensive list of which gem to give for each anniversary, which you may like to follow (and it will certainly help you build an impressive jewellery collection). Some years have alternate gifting stones too, giving a choice on colour and gem. We've compiled this list of wedding anniversary gemstones with quick links to our jewellery collections to make browsing for the perfect gift as easy as possible. So whenever you find yourself asking "Which gemstone should I buy for an anniversary?", remember this page (you can add it your browser bookmarks), and browse Gemporia's vast vault of gorgeous designs, all priced at phenomenally low prices. (Click here to see how we do it.) We hope you find this list of anniversary gemstones really useful. Oh, and a very happy anniversary to you too! We're sure whoever you're buying for will love their thoughtful jewellery gift.


1st Anniversary Gift

1st anniversary gemstone

Any Gemstone Set In Gold

You are spoiled for choice on the first anniversary as you can choose whichever gem you wish and then find it in a gold design. Even if you're not a fan of yellow gold, don't forget about white gold and rose gold, and you can use the menu on the left hand side of any jewellery page on this website to narrow your search by gold type.

Click here to browse gold jewellery.

Alternative: Peridot

Peridot is a visually stunning gemstone that bursts with the vibrancy of both green and golden hues. It is the birthstone of August, and as such is heavily associated with the colours and season of summer

Click here to browse Peridot jewellery.


2nd Anniversary Gift

2nd anniversary gemstone


Most famous for being a deep red colour with flashes the colour of burning embers, Garnet is a remarkably diverse gemstone and can also be found in a range of other colours, giving you a lot of choice for the 2nd anniversary.

Click here to browse Garnet jewellery.


3rd Anniversary Gift

3rd anniversary gemstone


Pearl is an unmistakable classic and should be in any jewellery collection at least once. As well as a selection of rings and earrings, don't forget we also source the undisputed pinnacle of any collection - Pearl necklaces.

Click here to browse Pearl jewellery.

Alternative: Jade

This softer green colour appears visually calming and has a well-storied history. It looks stunning in silver as it offsets the softer green tones perfectly and pulls full attention onto the gemstone.

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4th Anniversary Gift

4th anniversary gemstone

Blue Topaz

Beautiful, crystal clear Topaz comes in a selection of blue tones, but the most well know are surely Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue? All named for the colour of the sky, the latter two relate specifically to the colours of blue seen above the Swiss Alps and England's capital city respectively.

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Alternative: Blue Zircon

Zircon gets a bad rap as many assume it is somehow linked to the fake stone Cubic Zirconia. But Zircon is as real as it gets, and is the gemstone that has been dated closest to the origin of our planet. It also has the fiery sparkle of a top-grade Diamond.

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5th Anniversary Gift

5th anniversary gemstone


Sapphire is one of the big four gemstones, which also includes Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. Possibly more famous as gift for a 70th anniversary, you don't have to wait another 65 years to enjoy this classic blue gem. Sapphire is also available in other colours, but is called 'Sapphire' alone only when the colour is blue. Other colours are known collectively as 'Fancy Sapphire', and 'Red Sapphire' is actually Ruby.

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Alternative: Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline is available in a sheer rainbow of colours. The word 'Tourmaline' even comes from Singhalese word "Turmali' meaning 'gems of mixed colours'. For this anniversary, it's the pink hue that's given as a gift. It's a staggering colour that often sits perfectly between soft and strong, and defies easy explanation!

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6th Anniversary Gift

6th anniversary gemstone


This beautiful purple treasure is one of the most popular gemstones we source here at Gemporia, and is available in a whole range of regal hues. For deeper, stronger colours, pick Moroccan Amethyst, or for the lighter end of the spectrum, it has to be the inimitable Rose de France Amethyst.

Click here to browse Amethyst jewellery.

Alternative: Turquoise

Turquoise has a history stretching back to Ancient Egypt and beyond, and it's the colour that is named after the stone, not the other way around.

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7th Anniversary Gift

7th anniversary gemstone


Onyx is a wonderfully mysterious gemstone, especially in its most famous colour of black. But explore a little further and you'll find that the stone comes in a wide range of colours. It is also available in large carat weights for very low prices, so fans of big look jewellery are well catered for.

Click here to browse Onyx jewellery.

Alternatives: Yellow Sapphire and Golden Beryl

If you pick either of these delightful alternatives, you'll be receiving a wonderfully bright golden hued stone that will shine at any time of the year indoor or out.

Click here to browse Yellow Sapphire jewellery or click here to browse Golden Beryl jewellery.


8th Anniversary Gift

8th anniversary gemstone


This anniversary is the time to take advantage of the sheer amount of colours that Tourmaline is available in, as it makes its only headline appearance in this list. As the rainbow stone, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a hue, and the gem works really well when multiple colours are mixed together in one design.

Click here to browse Tourmaline jewellery.

Alternative: Tanzanite

For a very rare stone with a luxurious deep blue colour, there's simply no better choice than Tanzanite.

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9th Anniversary Gift

9th anniversary gemstone

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has a phenomenal history and has been used as an adornment for centuries. This dark blue stone was even used in Ancient Egypt, and can be seen the Tutankhamen's famous death mask. It sometimes appears with golden coloured patterns on its surface, which are actually Pyrite, a different mineral that's sometimes known as 'Fool's Gold'.

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Alternatives: Amethyst and Green Spinel

A very distinct choice of colours are available here with these alternatives, from the unmistakable regal purples of Amethyst to the world-class and intensely rare green hue of Spinel.

Click here to browse Amethyst jewellery or click here to browse Green Spinel jewellery.


10th Anniversary Gift

10th anniversary gemstone


Diamond is most famous as the 60th anniversary gemstone, but is also given at the 10th anniversary, giving those who are celebrating a decade together a wonderful, fiery, sparkling treasure with which to mark the occasion.

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Alternative: Sapphire (Blue)

Just like with engagement rings, Sapphire is also an alternative to Diamond when it comes to marking the 10th anniversary. Blue is the specified colour on this occasion, Sapphire's most famous and most sought after hue.

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11th Anniversary Gift

11th anniversary gemstone


Turquoise has appeared as an alternate choice stone on this list but the 11th anniversary sees it making its only headline appearance. What a wonderful chance to take ownership of this classic gem with its peerless colour. Thanks to our good working relationship with many of the top Turquoise mines, there's also the opportunity to own a large carat weight.

Click here to browse Turquoise jewellery.

Alternatives: Citrine and Yellow Zircon

Citrine offers a deep, rich golden colour while Yellow Zircon offers a lighter, crisper colour with a flash of Diamond-like fire.

Click here to browse Citrine jewellery or click here to browse Yellow Zircon jewellery.


12th Anniversary Gift

12th anniversary gemstone


Often overlooked because it is just so difficult to source in good quality, Jade offers a stunning light green shade that simply must be a part of any jewellery collection. Whether in a ring, pendant, bracelet or in earrings, Jade jewellery offers pure class and elegance.

Click here to browse Jade jewellery.

Alternative: Opal

Another must-have in any gemstone collection is Opal, with it's unique play-of-colour that adds vivid rainbow flashes to the solid light or dark body of the gem. Look for the different types of colour play when browsing for your perfect piece - each Opal source has individual characteristics.

Click here to browse Opal jewellery.


13th Anniversary Gift

13th anniversary gemstone


Like a beam of sunshine, Citrine will brighten up any day. It occurs in a range of hues and tones too, from light, bright yellows to deep, rich golden colours that almost border cognac as a colour. Did you know that Citrine is the yellow form of Amethyst, and that there is a very rare gemstone called Ametrine that actually combines the two colours together in one gemstone?

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Alternative: Moonstone

Moonstone is a really gorgeous but often overlooked stone. The ice white exterior hides the fact that when moved around, the gem will display an internal rainbow of colour not dissimilar to Labradorite. This makes the stone very popular among those that have discovered its secret.

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14th Anniversary Gift

14th anniversary gemstone


It's never too soon to own Opal, but the 14th wedding anniversary is a fantastic reason to get this multi-coloured phenomenon into your collection. Available with both white and black body colours (plus many more), it's the moisture trapped within the stone that interacts with the light and allows Opal to burst with flashes of colour from all across the spectrum. A must have.

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Alternative: Agate

Agate is available in a range of looks and can feature soft, light, delicate colours all the way through to bold, vivid, solid colours. Another over-looked marvel of Mother Nature, and well worth exploring for a new look you may not have previously considered.

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15th Anniversary Gift

15th anniversary gemstone


A timeless classic, one of the finest gemstone in the world, the red variety of Sapphire... it has to be Ruby. Also given for the 40th wedding anniversary, Ruby can show pinkish-red through to deep red hues and is sought after as one of the very few gemstones that are truly red, especially in specimens that also show phenomenal clarity. Ideal for an anniversary as many know it as 'the gemstone of love'.

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Alternatives: Alexandrite and Rhodolite Garnet

Not only rare in its own right, Alexandrite also shows a colour change phenomenon that will see the gem shift from a deep forest green to a bright Ruby red when it is moved between daylight and candlelight. One of the most difficult gemstones for us to source, and always an instant sell-out when we do find a parcel. Rhodolite is a beautiful variety of Garnet that is characterised by its slightly pinker undertones when compared with the deeper more fiery reds of its close relatives.

Click here to browse Alexandrite jewellery or click here to browse Rhodolite Garnet jewellery.


16th Anniversary Gift

16th anniversary gemstone


Peridot shines with a finely balanced blend of gold and green, making it a bright, happy stone that's ideal for celebrating and commemorating significant events. We source most of our Peridot for China, but it can be found in various other locales, including the United States. Olivine, the name for non-gem quality Peridot, is so prolific on Hawaii that one of the beaches there has turned a distinctive shade of green!

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Alternatives: Red Spinel and Imperial Topaz

Red Spinel offers a vibrancy, clarity and depth of colour that can proudly hold its own against the more famous Ruby. Imperial Topaz is a stunning natural golden Topaz, characterised by soft, pastel yellows and flashes of deep gold, and is immensely collectable.

Click here to browse Red Spinel jewellery or click here to browse Imperial Topaz jewellery.


17th Anniversary Gift

17th anniversary gemstone


The regal purples of Amethyst elevate this gem into a class of its own. Amethyst lends itself effortlessly to rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces making it the ideal gem with which to build a suite of jewellery for your collection. This is its second and last headline appearance on this list.

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Alternative: Carnelian

This red to brownish-red variety of Chalcedony is often overlooked but it's sumptuous colour and glass-like (vitreous) lustre make it a very popular stone with serious collectors. As a relatively affordable gem, even in large sizes, there's no reason not to add this beauty to your jewellery collection.

Click here to browse Carnelian jewellery.


18th Anniversary Gift

18th anniversary gemstone


Another opportunity to own Garnet as a celebration stone, and with the huge range of hues available the choice is vast. If you already own some red, orange-red or pinkish-red Garnet, why not explore the greener side of the spectrum this time around? Demantoid Garnet is particularly striking as it has a fiery rainbow effect similar to that of a Diamond.

Click here to browse Garnet jewellery.

Alternative: Cat's Eye Alexandrite

Alexandrite is rare and enough, as is the cat's eye phenomenon. If you ever have the opportunity to own Cat's Eye Alexandrite, it's well worth pursuing.

Click here to browse Cat's Eye Alexandrite jewellery.


19th Anniversary Gift

19th anniversary gemstone


Making its one and only appearance on this list, Aquamarine is a divine gemstone with a soft pastel colour that sits perfectly between green and blue. It is a form of the gemstone Beryl, which is called Emerald when green and Morganite when pink. The softness of the hue allows it to be worn with almost anything, casually or more formally, a dependable all-rounder that can always be relied on for its elegance and class.

Click here to browse Aquamarine jewellery.

Alternative: Almandine Garnet

Almandine is the family name of the Garnet that features a deep red body colour with a leaning towards dark purples. We sell an visually stunning type of Almandine called Rajasthan Garnet that is mined very close to our base of operations in Jaipur, India. It is named for the state of Rajasthan in which it is mined.

Click here to browse Almandine Garnet jewellery.


20th Anniversary Gift

20th anniversary gemstone


Twenty years together is marked with the deep green treasure Emerald, making its only headline appearance on this list. Mined since around 4,000 BC, the gemstone has quite a history, and was said to be particularly favoured by the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra. It somewhat goes against the usual gemstone grain in that inclusions in the stone are welcomed, and thought of as a fingerprint from Mother Nature, making each stone utterly unique.

Click here to browse Emerald jewellery.

Alternative: Yellow Diamond

If you're not keen on green, you can mellow with yellow! Diamond is stunning in any colour but there's something very special about a Yellow Diamond, especially when set in yellow gold. The two go together like they were always destined to meet.

Click here to browse Yellow Diamond jewellery.


21st Anniversary Gift

21st anniversary gemstone


This beautiful violet blue gemstone is sometimes overlooked, hidden in the shadows of Sapphire and Tanzanite. Take another look, as it has a tender clarity and softness of colour that often defies description, earning it the nickname 'the water Sapphire'. For many years it was actually mistaken for Sapphire, but modern identification techniques mean we can enjoy this wonderful gem under its own name.

Click here to browse Iolite jewellery.


22nd Anniversary Gift

22nd anniversary gemstone


Spinel takes centre stage for the 22nd year anniversary, and unlike its earlier appearances on this list as an alternate, this time there is no limitation on which colour to gift. Spinel comes in a luxurious assortment of hues from deep rich reds and velvety purples to bright blues, light pinks and of course solid black too. It has recently been added to the official birthstone list as a choice for August, an honour given in recognition of its fast rising popularity.

Click here to browse Spinel jewellery.


23rd Anniversary Gift

23rd anniversary gemstone

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz is a very fine grade of golden Topaz that is almost always totally natural, showcasing a world class hue that is entirely the work of Mother Nature. We source an incredible grade of Imperial Topaz from Ouro Preto in Brazil, where the gemstone was discovered in 1768. The colour can sometimes show just the tiniest hint of pink as a secondary hue, making it even more collectable and luxurious.

Click here to browse Imperial Topaz jewellery.


24th Anniversary Gift

24th anniversary gemstone


Perhaps surprisingly, this is the only time Tanzanite makes a headline showing on this list, and its only other appearance is as an alternate for the 8th anniversary. The rich, deep, dark blues and purples of this stone - with the occasional flash of pink - have quickly seen it established as one of the most popular gemstones on the planet. Discovered only in 1967, it was brought to prominence by famed jewellers Tiffany & Co and quickly became the gemstone of a generation. Limited availability due to dwindling yield at the mine has slowed its spread a little, but it remains one of the most treasured jewels of the last 50 years.

Click here to browse Tanzanite jewellery.


25th Anniversary Gift

25th anniversary gemstone

Any Gemstone Set In Silver

The 25th anniversary is quite famously known as the silver anniversary and you have free reign here to choose a gem of your own liking, set into silver. There are so many amazing gemstones that don't feature on this list, such as Morganite, Kunzite, Sphene, Kyanite and Andalusite - this could be a good opportunity to add one of them to your anniversary collection.

Click here to browse silver jewellery.

Alternative: Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite is an exquisite, lively green variety of Garnet that was first discovered in 1968. It was uncovered by the legendary Scottish gemologist Campbell R Bridges in Tanzania, but after being refused a mining permit in that country he traced the underground vein of the gemstone across a nearby border and rediscovered it in Kenya in 1971. The gem takes its name from this second discovery, which was in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Click here to browse Tsavorite Garnet jewellery.


30th Anniversary Gift

30th anniversary gemstone


Here's another chance to add a wonderful Pearl to your anniversary gemstone collection. These wonders of the ocean are actually organic and form differently to most gemstones, but very few would deny that Pearl is one of the classiest, most elegant gemstones you can own.

Click here to browse Pearl jewellery.


35th Anniversary Gift

35th anniversary gemstone


Like Pearl (above), Coral is an organic gemstone from the sea, and historians believe that it has been used in jewellery for over 25,000 years, which goes back further than just about any other gemstone. It is most famous in a bright pinkish red colour, but is also found in black, white and blue.

Click here to browse Coral jewellery.

Alternative: Emerald

If you still don't have Emerald in your collection by your 35th anniversary, this is wonderful time to fall in love with its peerless green shine and inherent inclusions. These imperfections are so welcomed in Emerald that they even hey even have a name, 'jardin', which is the French word meaning 'garden'.

Click here to browse Emerald jewellery.


40th Anniversary Gift

40th anniversary gemstone


Ruby is well-known as the stone of the 40th anniversary and this is a great opportunity to expand your collection by exploring new configurations of the stone. If you only own Ruby in silver or white gold, maybe now is the time to add a yellow gold design to your collection? Or if you only own Ruby solitaires, have a look at some cluster designs to see how well the gem works when it is surrounded by other stones. After all, you get more lustre with a cluster! Of course, you could just use this as an excuse to add another Ruby design to your collection, or finally get those earrings to match your favourite ring.

Click here to browse Ruby jewellery.


45th Anniversary Gift

45th anniversary gemstone


All gemstones are scarce by definition, but as rarity goes, Alexandrite is pretty high on the list. When they display the perfect colour change for which they are famous, between green in daylight and red in candlelight, Alexandrite is one of the most visually phenomenal gemstones you can own.

Click here to browse Alexandrite jewellery.

Alternative: Sapphire

Blue is said to be the world's favourite colour, which goes some way to explaining why Sapphire appears so many times on this list. Of course, it is also because Sapphire a gorgeous gemstone, which also comes in many other hues aside from blue. If you're looking for something a little different, have a look at the visually arresting Pink Sapphire variety.

Click here to browse Sapphire jewellery.


50th Anniversary Gift

50th anniversary gemstone

Any Gemstone Set In Gold

It's the big one! Fifty years together, and this time the gemstone world is your oyster. Any gem set into gold is the official guidance, but don't forget white gold and rose gold if you're looking for some variety in your designs, and of course there are also two-tone and three-tone gold designs too.

Click here to browse gold jewellery.

Alternative: Imperial Topaz

If you really want a specific gemstone, how about a golden gem for a golden anniversary, and an exceedingly rare one too. Imperial Topaz is most often untreated, making it a pure creation of Mother Nature, and the perfect partnership of the gem set into yellow gold acts as a fitting metaphor for a couple who have spent 50 years together.

Click here to browse Imperial Topaz jewellery.


55th Anniversary Gift

55th anniversary gemstone


A final appearance on this list for the world-class hue shift of Alexandrite, which has such a strong colour change that it has been said to resemble Emerald by day and Ruby by night. Really has to be seen to be believed.

Click here to browse Alexandrite jewellery.

Alternative: Emerald

Another curtain call for a delightful green gem as Emerald makes its final appearance on the list. An opportunity to add a classy Emerald bracelet to the collection if you don't already have one?

Click here to browse Emerald jewellery.


60th Anniversary Gift

60th anniversary gemstone


Sixty years together and it just has to be Diamond. If you're looking for something to compliment but contrast with your other Diamond pieces, have a look at some of the alternative colours available in this most famous of stones.

Click here to browse Diamond jewellery.

Alternative: Star Ruby

Very rarely, it's possible to see a perfect star shape appear in a cabochon cut Ruby (and certain other gemstones) thanks to a phenomena known as asterism. It's possible to see four-, six- and even 12-sided stars, and the job of ensuring the star is presented at its very best falls to the lapidarist (gemstone cutter) who works with the rough gemstone. A very rare occurrence with which to celebrate and remember a very important anniversary.

Click here to browse Star Ruby jewellery.


65th Anniversary Gift

65th anniversary gemstone


Whichever hue of this scintillating treasure you pick for this landmark anniversary, it will be a worthy addition to any jewellery collection. If you want to collect a range of hues that work effortlessly together, have a look at our Burmese Spinel collection.

Click here to browse Spinel jewellery.


70th Anniversary Gift

70th anniversary gemstone


If you're looking for the ultimate Sapphire piece for such a special anniversary, we'd suggest having a look at our Padparadscha Sapphire pieces, which showcase a very rare variety of the gem that contains flashes of yellow, orange, red and pink. It's only very rarely in stock, such is its extreme rarity, but keep checking back as our incredible gem hunters do occasionally source a fine quality parcel.

Click here to browse Sapphire jewellery.

Alternative: Smoky Quartz

This smoky brown hued variety of Quartz makes a single, late appearance on this list and can be sourced in quite large sizes for those of you who like the bigger showcase looks. It also remains very affordable and allows a much different choice of hue into your collection.

Click here to browse Smoky Quartz jewellery.

The 70th anniversary is also sometimes known as the platinum anniversary, and you can browse our platinum designs here.


75th Anniversary Gift

75th anniversary gemstone


What an anniversary to reach - and which other gem could you mark the occasion with? It has to be Diamond. And we have plenty of designs, colours and cuts to choose from.

Click here to browse Diamond jewellery.


80th Anniversary Gift

80th anniversary gemstone


How very fitting that our anniversary gemstone journey ends with Ruby, the gemstone of love. What else can we say other than offering our sincere congratulations to anybody who is celebrating this remarkable anniversary.

Click here to browse Ruby jewellery.

what are the gemstones you buy for an anniversary

We hope you found our list of anniversary gemstones informative and entertaining. If you want to continue exploring gemstones, their histories and their science, please have a look our our regularly updated blog.

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