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Gemporia host Rosie Wells has always enjoyed designing and sketching, and has recently launched the first pieces from her stunning silver jewellery collection Rosie Loves. We caught up with Rosie to chat about her inspiration, artistic background and love of gemstones.

What made you decide to create a range of jewellery?

Having been surrounded by gorgeous jewellery for five years at Gemporia, it’s hard not to feel inspired! Especially with my background in illustration and fine art, it was a natural progression for me.

Have you always been artistic?

At school I always loved art and quickly realised I was far more creative than academic! GCSE art and A Level was then followed by a foundation course in art and design and a degree in illustration. From here I trained as an art teacher and taught in secondary school for three years, so I’ve always been a bit arty.

How would you sum up your artistic style and approach?

Through the years I’ve used lots of different materials to create images, abstract paintings and prints. Whatever I’ve used, there’s always been a fairly spontaneous approach. I did have a period of creating more detailed, intricate drawings which I enjoyed to a point, but I much prefer working quickly and expressively.

Rosie's sketches

How would you sum up the collection?

Feminine and delicate with fluid abstract lines.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I’ve always loved butterflies and in particular the way they move. My grandad was a keen photographer and I remember seeing his beautiful slides of butterflies. Everything is an inspiration in many ways. Being at the park with my daughter and seeing the environment change, travelling over the years, music etc.

Why did you choose Pearls for this collection?

Pearls have such a classic and understated beauty which I’ve always adored. The shapes and lines of my collection are simple and abstract and so the curve and subtle light of the Pearl made it the natural choice.

Are you going to add to the range?

I’ve started work on my next collection of Rosie Loves already and there will be an entirely different theme. I’m lucky to have travelled and worked abroad at various times in life and one of my future collections will draw from some of these experiences. I'm also getting close to bringing a very nautical, seaside inspired collection to our viewers.

Rosie's butterflies

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Birmingham with my husband Matt and our two-year-old girl, Hazel, and we welcomed our son Idris into the world in October 2017. I love cooking, drawing and painting, playing the piano, live music and spending as much time with friends and family as possible. These are all the things that make me the happiest of all.

How long have you been presenting and what is your best Gemporia moment?

It’s been five years now which has gone by so quickly! There have been so many funny moments and happy memories. Meeting our guests is always a highlight as they are so inspiring and we can learn so much from them. Rudi Wobito is an amazing man and I’ll always remember our first show together as we shared quite an emotional moment when a viewer messaged in telling us about what his collection meant to her. Jewellery has an amazing way of speaking to people and it’s always wonderful to hear from our customers for this reason

So can you tell us how you found your way to our television screens?

Gosh… it’s a long story! In a nutshell, after teaching for three years, I knew I had to take a break to try to fulfill a dream I’d had for presenting and so I took the plunge and left. After three years of freelancing, cooking and compering for celebrity chefs at food festivals around the UK and a few corporate presenting jobs here and there, I began to miss the stability of teaching and was starting to apply for teaching jobs again, when a job opportunity came through for Gemporia. I applied and was delighted to get an audition. The screen test was nerve-wracking, but lots of fun and I kept all fingers and toes crossed after that first day as it seemed like such a great place to work! Thankfully I was offered a position and after a wonderful trip to India and studying with the GIA, I started in July 2012.

Rosie's Pearls

Did you have a passion for gemstones before you came here?

I can’t say I knew a huge amount about gemstones before. However, as a little girl I was always obsessed with sparkly things and loved to collect trinkets and strings of Pearls and rhinestones (usually fake at this stage in life… sorry)! I always adored Emerald and Amber, long before I became an accredited jewellery professional and now I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful and rare treasures on a daily basis.

What are your top three gemstones and why?

The unique inner glow and jardin of an Emerald make them endlessly fascinating and they will always hold the top spot for me. For second and third it’s so difficult to choose and I think I’d probably have a different answer depending on when you ask. Csarite is magnificent and of course I love Pearls which is why I chose them for my first collection!

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Energetic, honest and fun loving with a passion for life!

Thank you for chatting to us Rosie. To see the most recent additions to this wonderful and ever-changing collection, just click here.

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