The Artistry of Glenn Lehrer: Man in the Moon

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The Glenn Lehrer Man in the Moon collection is an ethereal series of carved crescent moon masterpieces each set with a rare gemstone. It's something of a departure from Glenn's TorusRing, QuasarCut and KaleidosCut creations but has just as fascinating a story behind its creation. Let's explore the tale of this striking design and what inspired Glenn to first look to the Moon for inspiration.

Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognised as one of the finest living gemstone artists. His precisely-faceted stones and fluid carvings are known the world over for their original concepts, flowing lines and stunning brilliance. His genius in gem art and jewellery is unparalleled, creating masterpieces that ignite passion and stir a grand sense of beauty. The Glenn Lehrer Man in the Moon pendant design was inspired by the balance of the Moon itself, hanging in the sky surrounded by stars. Glenn found the sheer number of stars in the sky reminding him just how many different colours, varieties and types of gemstones we have on the planet.

Glenn Lehrer Man in the Moon

What Is Man in the Moon?

Glenn's Man in the Moon designs are all carved from a variety of Quartz gemstones. Each one features the detailing of a side-on face within a crescent moon. Glenn chose Quartz as the base gemstone family for the main Moon carving as not only is Quartz a more friendly gem to carve with, but it is also strong, can be sourced in the required size with good clarity and a lack of inclusions, and in its translucent state it gives off a shimmering satin-like glow not unlike the Moon itself. The crafted Quartz needs to be as pure and clear as the great celestial body itself.

Inspired by the sheer number of stars in the sky, the hanging gem represents the Moon balanced against a bright star in the night sky. Glenn found particular inspiration in seeing neighbour planets such as Mercury or Venus shining brightly in close proximity to the Moon. Each of the hanging gems are extremely rare gemstones, adding significantly to the beauty and mystique of each piece, and each design is wrapped in a gold outline that often contains a Diamond in the pendant bail.

Rather than a full Moon, the designs feature a crescent Moon. The crescent Moon and hanging gemstone represent balance and the design is full of potential - the moment yet to arrive. Glenn feels it's a good metaphor for opening the door to not only new possibilities, but new probabilities too - embracing who you've been, who you are right now and who you are yet to become. The balance of the design is all about allowing yourself time to simply 'be'. Not thinking, not doing, just being - taking a moment of pause, consideration and thoughtfulness. To Glenn it's about spending time opening yourself up and allowing wonderful things to come to you. It's a sense of self belief and self worth triggered by our fascination with the Moon and the magnetism it seems to hold over people every time they choose to look up.

Glenn Lehrer Man in the Moon

About Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon story goes back to the earlier years of Glenn's career. In 1995, a customer of Glenn's came to him to request that he create a design based around the Man in the Moon. The customer specified that it be a crescent Moon, which intrigued Glenn. Inspired by his years travelling the world and seeing the way different cultures represented the moon in drawings and paintings, Glenn took on the challenge. The crescent is an incredibly powerful shape and using a face would allow him to imbue the piece with personality. After picturing the idea in his mind, he thought about it, dreamed about it and when the concept was as clear as day in his mind he sat down to create the first piece. Carving the design was an incredibly labour intensive process, but eventually the design was complete.

Glenn is always looking for the 'wow' moment when he creates something. No matter how many days, weeks, months and years he may have spent with a piece, he describes seeing it complete for the very first time as being an almost out-of-body moment, as it was with Man in the Moon. In the two decades following the creation of this initial piece, Glenn only produced another two dozen Man in the Moon pendants such was the intensity of the labour required. When thinking about something new and different he'd like to bring to Gemporia following the enthusiastic response to his TorusRing, QuasarCut and KaleidosCut creations, Glenn went back to the Man in the Moon design. By working with his dedicated and very talented team of gemstone cutters, he was able to reduce the amount of time each Moon took to create and bring a small collection of pieces to Gemporia customers.

Each Moon is hand carved and still takes a considerable amount of time to create, which is why each piece has to be made in such limited numbers. Each carved Moon has to meet Glenn's specifications and strict standards before it can become part of the next small range of designs. The collection has been a huge hit with jewellery collectors and supply remains way below demand.

People and animals are drawn to the Moon - it's a powerful and dynamic presence in the sky. The element of mystery comes from the dark side of the Moon which can never been seen from Earth, and it creates a good metaphor for balance, and getting through the dark to get to the light. It reminds us to get back to nature, to allow it to revive and energise us and to ensure we give our well-being enough thought. This is the pinnacle of the Moon's symbolism to Glenn, and his expertly crafted design captures the fascination and mystique of the night sky beautifully.

When you purchase a Lehrer design for the first time, while stocks last, we'll send you a complimentary copy of Glenn's autobiography 'In Quest of the Indescribable', a story with just as many fascinating facets as his gemstone creations. To own one of Glenn Lehrer’s fine creations is to own a museum quality work of art, a piece to be treasured as an heirloom for future generations.

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