The Artistry of Glenn Lehrer: QuasarCut

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After the many years of intense work and research led to the creation of the TorusRing, Glenn Lehrer wanted to create something new. Through continued exploration of the laws of reflection and refraction of light within gems, and many more hours in front of a lapidary wheel, Glenn created his unimaginably beautiful QuasarCut gemstones.

Glenn Lehrer is internationally recognised as one of the finest living gemstone artists. His precisely-faceted stones and fluid carvings are known the world over for their original concepts, flowing lines and stunning brilliance. His genius in gem art and jewelry is unparalleled, creating masterpieces that ignite passion and stir a grand sense of beauty. Inspired by deep space as much as the TorusRing itself, Glenn wanted to see what other secrets were locked away inside the circular shape of a gemstone. The resulting masterpiece is the QuasarCut.

Glenn Lehrer QuasarCut

What Is QuasarCut?

Quasars are distant, celestial bodies that emit light with a power greater than our entire galaxy. Taking this into account when creating a new gemstone cut, it was important to Glenn that the way the QuasarCut played with light was unique. This was achieved by cutting the concave facet on the table of the finished gemstone so that it created an incredible optical illusion. When viewed, the centre of the gem appears to infinitely recede from the viewer.

It is this unique combination of the carving of the inverted cone and the concave table that creates a new dimension never before seen in any gemstone cut. Glenn Lehrer's QuasarCut is a true first, unique in its ability to bend light in incredible new ways, displaying the gemstone's inner beauty. Its creation was firmly inspired by the nature of our universe and the wonders that reside within it.

Glenn left the naming of this revelation of artistry to his Facebook fans. They came up with the perfect name to describe the play of light in this cut: the Lehrer QuasarCut.

Glenn Lehrer QuasarCut

About QuasarCut

This stunning cut was imagined and created in Glenn's studio in San Francisco, California. Glenn wanted to continue exploring the laws of reflection and refraction, taking the TorusRing design to a dazzling new level. The play of light needed to entrance the viewer of the gemstone and capture their imagination in an moment of appreciation of the stone's inner beauty.

The magic of the QuasarCut is the combination of the inverted negative cone on the pavilion on the gemstone, cut in concert with a concave dish facet for the top table of the stone. The difference in the QuasarCut is that there is no hole in the centre like the TorusRing. What really makes the QuasarCut unique is the concave dish where in a traditionally cut gemstone there would be a flat large facet.

The magic of the concave facet for the table is that it creates a reflection of the underside inverted cone, which makes the pavilion appear to recede from the viewer's eye. It is this unique combination of the carving of the inverted cone and the concave table that creates the magic of the optical image.

Over the years, people have asked Glenn where he finds his inspiration. Glenn's answer has always been simple - the beauty of art is in everything around us, from ocean waves crashing on isolated and exotic beaches, the pristine forests in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the the shimmering starlight emanating from the heavens. It is in the unbound beauty of nature that Glenn has found his inspiration for this exquisite gemstone artwork.

In creating this new cut, Glenn spent countless hours designing and re-engineering all of the cuts and facet angles of the fledgling QuasarCut until he reached a moment of epiphany that the cut had been mastered. Passing on this tremendous skill to his team took time too, as each member learned the nuances and intricacies of creating such a breathtaking play of light inside a gemstone.

When you purchase a Lehrer design for the first time, while stocks last, we'll send you a complimentary copy of Glenn's autobiography 'In Quest of the Indescribable', a story with just as many fascinating facets as his gemstone creations. To own one of Glenn Lehrer’s fine creations is to own a museum quality work of art, a piece to be treasured as an heirloom for future generations. The resulting Glenn Lehrer QuasarCut rings and earrings have to be seen to be full appreciated.

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