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The Sarah Bennett Collection is always extremely popular on Gemporia, and we've recently launched a brand new collection of designs, five of which we take a closer look at here.

Sarah's been very busy creating new pieces since she was last on air and we launched the designs in two huge showcases in February 2018. However, all is not lost if you're reading this after the launch - just click here to browse Sarah's amazing designs for yourself and find the piece that's perfect for you. Plus, Sarah is working away on the next collection as you read this so the next showcase is never far away.

Sarah Bennett


Sarah Bennett is head of design here at Gemporia and she has a huge input into the design of all our jewellery, but she considers this personal collection to be her signature style. Sarah designs with a strong emphasis on big and bold pastel coloured gemstones, and loves working with the more opaque stones as they tend to display more of Mother Nature. She says, "Personally, I’m not very precious about clarity and prefer inclusions as a reminder that I am wearing a gift from nature." But you are just as likely to find demure and classically designed pieces too as Sarah's style and design experience allow her to expertly mix and match an eclectic selection of shapes and colours. "I don’t tend to wear exactly matching jewellery, but prefer to play around a theme. That is why when I create a set of jewellery, you will notice I often mix shapes and sizes," Sarah tells us. This is why each piece is expertly produced to work on its own or as part of an ensemble, and the collection features rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. "Pendants are making a big return! I think assembling a colourful collection of pendants is a great idea. I usually wear rings to compete with the colours of my outfits, but my pendants will complement", says Sarah. Sarah goes to great lengths to ensure pieces in her collection are affordable, and when this new collection launches you'll be smiling from earring to earring when you see just how little each design will set you back. Without further ado, here are five pieces from the new collection to whet your appetite for this exciting new collection.

Amazonite Pendant


Amazonite is a much underused gemstone in jewellery, featuring a gorgeous strong blue body hue kissed with hints of green, lending a nice naturalistic balance to the colour of the stone. Sarah's confidence with shape allows this energetic, elongated stone to take centre stage in a sterling silver setting that compliments the gem without overpowering it. Bold, effortlessly stylish and timeless too, this pendant will look just as good on a long, thick chain as it will closer to the neck.

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Labradorite Ring


Whilst the body colour of Labradorite brings to mind a deep, severe storm grey (a colour we adore as it goes with anything) the real secret of this gem is the play of colour hidden within. Called labradorescence (handy, that), gently moving the gemstone around will reveal iridescent flashes and waves of colour across the gem, from light blues to bronze and gold tones, deep greens and even occasionally purples too. This long, domed stone will catch light from almost any angle, and the use of gold over the sterling silver adds a classic styling to an already elegant piece.

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Amber Bracelet


It's not all single gemstone pieces around here, you know. Sarah has used an inspired mixture of colours and finishes here to create a stunning multi-coloured bracelet. Warm Amber and bright Tourmaline nuggets partner with Opal beads and faceted Citrine pears to form this delightful adjustable bracelet full of complimentary and contrasting tones. Joined together with sterling silver chain, the gems are separated by textured beads that finish the piece beautifully. The use of colour here makes this a design that would look great in any season of the year.

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Emerald Ring


We love the big and bold shape of this Carnaiba Brazilian Emerald, which averages over 11cts across the small number of pieces we've been able to make. The deep sea greens of the stone are bought to life by the 14k gold over sterling silver on the bezel, and the textured band of silver finishes the piece perfectly. Emerald is known for its display of inclusions and this opaque variety is loud and proud about its look - every one will show unique patterns just under a very finely polished surface. It's tough to balance style and substance, but Sarah has truly managed it here.

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Pearl Earrings


Every jewellery collection deserves a pair of Pearl drop earrings, and these baroque freshwater cultured Pearls exude elegance and delicate style. Set into 14k gold over sterling silver, the textured post covers add a nice touch of class and weight to the design, allowing the Pearls to dangle gracefully below. Whether worn as part of a jewellery ensemble or just on their own, they'll finish any outfit perfectly and are sure to be a 'go-to' pair of earrings in your collection for many years to come.

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